A Javascript error occurred in the main Windows 10 process

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When you log into the Discord app from your Windows 10 computer, you may see a “A javascript error occurred in the main process” error message. A corruption of Discord files or the absence of specific audio services can cause this problem on your computer. To fix this problem on your computer, please follow these steps precisely.

Solution 1: Start and automate a specific service

The Windows Audio Video Experience quality service is essential for Discord to function properly.

1. Right-click on Windows, then click "run".

2. Next, write "services.msc". Then click on "ok".

3. When the Services window opens, scroll through the list of services to find the "Windows audio and video quality"Service.

Four. Double click on it to access it.

5. When the Properties window appears, click the down arrow for “Startup Type:”. Then click on "Automatic".

6. Then check if the service is already running or not. If it is "Stopped", click "Home"*.

7. To save the automation settings, click "To apply". Then click on "ok".

Try logging into Discord again.



Some users may notice this message when they tap on the “Start” button.

Windows could not start the service on Local Computer. Error 1079: The account specified for this service differs from the account specified for other services running in the same process.

If you are seeing this error message, follow these steps~

1. Double click on the “Quality Windows Audio Video Experience” service again.

2. In the Properties window, go to the “log in” tab.

3. Here, click on the “KATEGORIEN”Option.



4. Now, tap on the “Advanced”Option.



5. Here you need to click on the “Find Now".

6. A list of user names and groups will appear. Select your account name from that list and click on “OK".



7. Then, click on “OK“, again.



8. After that put your account password once in “Password” and then in the “Confirm password:”Section.



9. Don’t forget to click on “Apply"And"OK".



After doing this, you can ‘Start’ the Quality Windows Audio Video Experience service again.


Solution 2: delete the temporary Discord folders

Emptying the temporary discord folders can solve this problem.

1. Simply press "Tasto Windows + R'.

2. Then write this code to access the appdata folder on your computer.

% Appdata%

[[[[NOTE: -

If you cannot access the Appdata folder on your computer, it means that the hidden items are not visible on your computer. To enable it, follow these steps ~

for. Open File Explorer on your computer.

second. Then click on "View“In the menu bar. Next, click on "Choices".

C. Next, in the "View" tab, you have to select the option that says "Show hidden files, folders and drives".

re. Don't forget to click on "To apply"And in"ok".

After following these steps, try to access the “Appdata” folder again.

3. When you are in the "Appdata" folder, right click on "discord“Binder.

4. Next, click on “To remove“To delete the folder.

5. Then press again Tasto Windows + R.

6. Then type this line in the terminal and then click on "ok".

% localappdata%

7. As before, try to find the “Discord” folder.

8. Then right click on it and then click "To remove".

After doing all this, try logging into Discord one more time.

Fix 3: run Discord without admin rights

Some users have explained that they can log into Discord from their non-administrator account.

1. Right-click on the Discord icon on the desktop.

2. Next, click on “Property".

3. Then go to "CompatibilityEyelash ".

4. Next, uncheck "Run this program as an administrator".

5. Don't forget to click on "To apply"And in"ok".

Try logging into the Discord app again.

Solution 4: Uninstall Discord and reinstall it

The last option is to uninstall Discord and reinstall it on your computer.

1. At first, right-click on Windows icon and then click "run“To access the terminal.

2. When the run terminal appears, type this run command and press Log in.


4. Next, try to locate the "Discord“Application in the list of installed applications.

5. Right-click, then click "Uninstall".

6. Next, go to the Discord download page.

7. Click on 'Download for Windows".

8. Run the installer on your computer to quickly install Discord.

Once installed, you can easily access Discord once again.

Log in with your credentials.

Your problem will surely be solved.

Additional tips

1. If you need to log into Discord urgently, you can choose the Discord browser interface.

Click on this link.

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