AdBlock on YouTube: bans have been triggered since December

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Users who have installed AdBlock su YouTube are likely to face a permanent ban from the Google platform. We are facing a very strong stance from the Californian team. Let's find out all the details.

AdBlock on YouTube: the first notifications are coming

According to user reports, almost everyone has already received an account notification YouTube announcing a change in terms and conditions of the platform. From December the platform will change some policies regarding the blocking of advertisements: the use of software such as AdBlock and the like will be prohibited. Penalty the permanent ban.

Obviously this decision is already causing discussion: for many it seems a far too severe punishment. The YouTube development team, however, seems to proceed without second thoughts, and in the terms and conditions of the service writes:

"YouTube may terminate your access or access of your Google account to all or part of the service if it believes, in its total description, that the provision of the service is no longer profitable from a commercial point of view". In short, clearer than that.

The advice is to disable AdBlock on YouTube

Many portals are strongly recommending to disable AdBlock, at least with reference to YouTube. If you need to interact with the most famous video platform, you must deactivate it. It remains to be seen what will happen in December, when the rules are effectively official and put into effect.

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