Back up your Windows 10 phone using OneDrive

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If you are an advanced user and want to back up, you probably know we can't back up to local storage, but we do have the option to back up to cloud storage, called OneDrive.

Step 1: Backup settings on OneDrive

Make sure you are running Windows 10 Mobile, then go to

Settings> Update and security> Backup and make sure all switches are on.

So now you have configured your phone to do an automatic backup.

Step 2: Back up your application data

Now tap "More Options" and you will be presented with all the apps that have the ability to backup your data to OneDrive. Depending on your needs, you can choose which ones you want to backup.

After verifying the applications, click the "Back up now" button

Step 3: Back up your messages

To back up your messages, go to the messaging app> Settings and make sure the “Sync between devices” option is checked.

Step 4: Back up your photos and camera

If you're always on the go and frequently switch devices, be it Android, iOS or Windows, you can always have photos and videos with you thanks to the almighty OneDrive. The OneDrive app provides automatic backup of photos and videos directly to your Microsoft account. To set up automatic backup, go to your OneDrive app on your Windows phone and click Settings> Camera Upload and make sure the switch is on

If you want to back up your videos, you can also turn on the “Include videos” button, but it could fill the storage space from a drive very quickly. The “Upload to metered connections” switch ensures that photos and / or videos are also uploaded to connections configured as data, such as mobile data.

Step 5: Sync settings across all Windows devices

If you're the kind of person who always switches between multiple Windows Phone devices, this feature comes in handy. It will automatically sync your themes and passwords. To set it up, go to Settings> Accounts> Sync your settings and make sure all switches are on. This feature also syncs the theme between Windows 10 desktop and mobile devices

You don't need to back up your contacts on Windows Phone as they are automatically synced with your Microsoft account.

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