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Are you looking for the migliori Hashtag TikTok? You are in the right place: our guide will help you improve your profile and go viral.

Have you recently entered the world of TikTok but are you still trying to better understand some dynamics of the most popular Chinese social network of the moment? Well, in this article we are going to help tackle a crucial issue to improve your TikTok profile: that of hashtags.

Migliori hashtag TikTok 2022

Before trying to figure out what the better hashtags to use right now on TikTok let's take a step back. Wanting to simplify as much as possible, we can say that hashtags are the keywords of the contents that are shared on social networks (including TikTok, therefore).

This is a fundamental mechanism for retrieving posts that are of specific interest to each of us, as well as vital to go viral. There are various types of hashtags and in this guide we will try to give you a general overview of the best possible choices to make in this regard (also read our guide on Free TikTok).

Let's start with some concrete and updated examples and then make some more general considerations. Furthermore, we first try to point out global trends and then to approach the issue from a strictly Spanish point of view.

here are the best TikTok hashtags:

  • #tiktok
  • #foryoupage
  • #fyp
  • #foryou
  • #viral
  • #love
  • #funny
  • #memes
  • #followme
  • #cute
  • #fun
  • #music
  • #happy
  • #fashion
  • #comedy
  • #best video
  • #tiktok4fun
  • #thisis4u
  • #loveyoutiktok

What does this list tell us? So, on the one hand, hashtags will practically always be used that recall the name and functionality of the platform to which they belong, or, in this case: the name of TikTok itself but also the reference to the s"Follow me" and "For you" sections (simply in English, since we are talking about hashtags from a world wide perspective).

Then: music has always been one of the top elements of TikTok, as it accompanies virtually any form of content. In short, the soundtrack is something fundamental on the Chinese social network and therefore the relative hashtag will always remain quite popular.

Let's move now for a moment to the Bel Paese, to understand what the best TikTok hashtags in Spain. Here is a partial list but full of food for thought:

  •  #ilmiosport
  •  #letstalk
  •  #languagequiz
  •  #unpopularopinion

Let's merge two of them immediately, namely #letstak and #unpopularopinion which contain the desire to confront each other in the form of a debate even on a “new” social network like TikTok. There is a desire to express one's opinion, even more so if unpopular, assisting a very Spanish trend and much more rooted in time that sees us as a very heated people (for better or for worse) when it comes to "talk".

Linked to the passion for words but in a slightly different way and context is the passion for games related to linguistics, which sends the hashtag #languagequiz into orbit. Another Spanish cornerstone: sport. Here, then, the related sports hashtag appears in trend.

Having made this overview, if we also want to be curious, let's highlight a couple of fundamental aspects related to the choice of best TikTok hashtags:

  • you always need to understand who you want to turn to, or what your target audience is
  • it is preferable to mix popular hashtags in a general perspective but also to create ad hoc hashtags specific to your profile
  • it is important to understand what kind of reaction you want to get from users: simple views or a deeper interaction?
  • try to follow trends without necessarily "distorting" your profile: it is useful to take advantage of the "wave" (let's say to follow the wave) but better to do it with a personal touch, without becoming a photocopy of others
  • the same goes for the challenges: many useful for expanding your catchment area

How to find the best TikTok hashtags

Now you should have a complete and exhaustive overview of the best TikTok hashtags, so as to increase the number and quality of your followers. Keep following OnlyForWindows too: we regularly update our guides. Here is an article that might be for you: Best Telegram Bots for Instagram

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