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Excel application is widely used around the world to create and maintain datasheets for recording purposes. However, it can sometimes generate some random errors which may prevent you from working with it or adding data. One of those annoying mistakes is when the date format doesn't change in MS Excel.

Yes, this is a common mistake and the problem seems to be quite common on a variety of platforms and for different versions of MS Excel. However, the good thing is that there is a solution available for this. Let's see how to fix DDate format will not change the error in MS Excel.

Method 1: enabling the delimited option

Step 1: Open the Stand out file with the data in which you want to change the date format, click Data at the top of the page and select a column that contains the data you want to analyze.

Step 2: Now under the Data click on the tab Text in columns option.

Step 3: It will open the file Guided conversion of text to columns the dialog box. Select the radio button next to Delimited and click The next.

Step 4: Click The next back into Step 2 by the magician to reach the 3 pass box. Now select the radio button next to Data and set the field to MDY.

Click on To finish to save changes and exit.

Step 5: Now, click on a blank cell in the worksheet and hit the button CTRL + 1 keys together on the keyboard. This will open the file Cell format the dialog box. Under the Number tab, select custom and on the right side of the panel, type AAAA / MM / GGG in the text box.

print ok to save changes and exit.

This should solve your data format error problem in MS Excel, but if not, you can try the second method.

Method 2: changing the Windows date format

Changing the Windows default date format can be a quick fix if changing the data format in Excel is confusing. However, remember that the changes will also apply to all other Windows applications on your PC and not just Excel files.

Step 1: Go to Home on the desktop, right-click on it and select the file run menu option to open the file Run command.

Step 2: A run box type international control and press the button ok button to open the file Region the dialog box.

Step 3: Now in Region window under the Formats tab, change the predefined formats available. Click the drop-down lists to select the desired date and time format.

print ok to save changes and exit.

That's all. Now, when accessing MS Excel files, you shouldn't encounter the date error that won't change anymore.

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