Change the default search from Bing to Google in Windows 10

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Windows 10 has set Bing as the default search engine when someone searches for something on the taskbar. Now, there are no settings you can change to switch to the famous Google search engine. Own property search engine application is heavily criticized on social media and people are trying to find an outlet for change the default Windows 10 taskbar search to Google.

Reading: Change the default search engine to Google to Edge browser in Windows 10

Now when looking for something on the taskbar.

The search results are displayed by Bing search as shown below.

How to change the default search engine in Windows 10 taskbar search

1 - First download Github Border Deflector

2 - Click on it to run it in the background.

3 - Now search for anything in Cortana.

4 - Choose Edge Deflector when asked to choose.

5 - Make sure the Always use this app option is checked.

Also set the default browser to Chrome.

To go Settings -> Applications -> Default applications

And choose and set Chrome as your default browser.

We will now modify Chrome to show Google search results instead of Bing.

Here's how to do it.

Now download and install the Chrometana extension.

That is.

Now whenever you search for something in Cortana, it will open the result in Chrome and also in Google search and not in Bing.


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