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Chrome export and import passwords. If in Google Chrome like other popular internet browsers you can import and export bookmarks and favorites, unlike Firefox it lacked the option for import and export also the password.

I speak in the past tense because now Google Chrome has finally gained the ability to import passwords from another internet browser and export saved ones.

The new feature (which currently affects Windows PCs, Macs, Linux and Chrome OS) is already available on stable Chrome version 52.0.2743.116 m. By default, however, it is deactivated, so it must be activated manually. Let's see how to do it.

Chrome export and import passwords

  • Start Google Chrome and in the internet address bar type and send the command chrome :/ / flags to open the browser experiments page.
  • In the experiment bar, locate the experiment "Password import and export”(It is almost at the bottom of the page, alternatively to find it quickly use the Menu> Find function or in the address bar paste and send the command chrome: // flags / # password-import-export).
  • Identified the experiment now as in the example below in the figure:

  • Expand the respective drop-down menu and here set the setting to "Attiva"Therefore to confirm and activate the password import / export function, at the bottom of the page click the" RESTART NOW "button.
  • Launched Chrome as now you will be able to notice by turning on in Menu> Settings> Advanced settings> Passwords and forms> Manage passwords as well as seeing all the access passwords saved on the browser, at the bottom of the list there are the two buttons "Export"and "Import"(As in the example below in the figure:

By default passwords will be exported to a file CSV Manageable among others with Microsoft Excel and from any other internet browser, but if necessary it is also possible to export them to a text file.TXT (specifying "All files" in "Save as" and adding the .txt extension to the file name).

Also as regards the default import Chrome works with CSV files, but in the same way as the “Export” option, specifying the “All files” mode, it can also import passwords from .TXT text files.

A novelty that, albeit small, contributes to making the Google internet browser even more functional, especially for those who use more than one web browser on their computer and need to import the access data saved to the websites on which you are present. sign in.

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