Chrome Software Cleaner: Remove Viruses and Adware from Chrome

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Chrome Software Cleaner : to remove virus e Adware from Chrome. This application helps identify and remove software that may be causing Chrome problems.

So if you notice openings of advertising pages or pop-ups that open continuously and prevent you from browsing the internet correctly try downloading this free program that provides Google.

If this is not enough, we remind you to also perform a scan with special programs that are more targeted and known to remove viruses and malware that can permanently solve the problem.

Chrome Software Cleaner

Created by Google is a program that scan your computer and eliminate suspicious programs.

It is compatible with all browsers, such as Firefox or Edge.

Download now here: 

How to use Chrome Software Cleaner

Once downloaded. Click on "Run";

Chrome Software Cleaner will run the computer scan and will display a list of any programs malicious software found.

Once the scan is complete, click on "Remove suspicious programs";

Chrome will open a new tab and ask to reset settings. click on Restore.

We also recommend that you scan through targeted programs for detecting viruses on your computer such as .

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