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How to use the problematic step recorder in Windows 10 to record the steps of the problem you are facing: - Troubleshooting Step Recorder is a built-in Windows support tool that helps to record user activities, which can be helpful in solving various system problems. The problematic step recorder automatically captures the actions you perform on a computer with a text description of the action along with the specific screenshot. Therefore, the step recorder can be used to record how a problem occurred on the computer. The recorded information can be saved as a zip file which can be used later to get the correct consultation by an expert to troubleshoot system problems.

The step recorder does not run automatically in the background and must be started manually. Let's now see how to use this useful tool to record actions.

Launch the application

Type “step recorder” in the search panel and select the file step recorder desktop application.

Start recording

Once the application is launched, you can start recording your actions by clicking on the “Start Recording” button. Then repeat the steps on the computer to reproduce the problems encountered.

You can pause and resume the recording at your convenience.

The step recorder does not record all key presses. So if it matters, we can use the "Add Comment" feature to highlight where the problem is occurring. This helps to add any necessary comments or explanations.

Adjust the settings

We may change the settings for our convenience to improve the experience. We can change the output location, enable or disable the screenshot and set the number of steps to be recorded in the settings. To do this, click on the drop-down arrow in the right corner of the application and select the “Settings” option.

In the settings dialog box, you can adjust various settings.

Once the app is closed, all settings will revert to their default settings.

Stop and save the recording

Once we have recorded the required steps, we can stop recording by clicking on the “Stop Recording” button. The results page will then appear with the description and screenshots of the recorded steps.

Click on the “Save” option to save the result as a zip file.

The saved file can be sent to an expert to help solve the computer problem. The saved recording will be in MHTML format.

The Step Recording Tool is only available in Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 7, and Windows Server 2008 versions.

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