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There are a lot of great video editing software out there, but the problem is that they all cost you a fortune if you plan on buying them. Now, a person is faced with the dilemma of whether, after paying the money, he will satisfy his needs or not. Here comes VSDC, the best free video editing tool with features like Chroma, zoom effect, etc. It has a bit of a learning curve, but I've compiled all the things you can do in this article.

Initially choose the required resolution of the video

At first, when you open the VSDC editor, click on the empty project. A pop-up window will appear allowing you to choose the frame rate per second, resolution, frequency, project name, etc. You can leave other things as default, but don't forget to choose the resolution. Otherwise, the default video resolution is set here as low, and thus the final video quality will not be good. While making videos for youtube, I maintain a resolution of 1280x720.

Understand the VSDC editing interface

Now when the editing interface, on the left side, a thin bar contains all the links to import video, audio and image files into the editor. In the middle area, there is the preview area of ​​the video editor, where you can play the video Advance of the video while editing. On the right side there are several Power tools, with which you can perform various operations such as speed change, zoom effect, audio volume change, etc.

Splitting the video or audio file

Just select the video file on the timeline, drag the red line on the timeline to where you want to split. Then click on tab editor at the top. Now, click on the division into parts (scissors icon) as shown in the image below. The video file will be split at a breakpoint. Likewise, place the red cursor anywhere else, then click the Split video icon again to split there as well. Now, if you want to remove this split part from the center, click on the split part and then hit Delete on your keyboard to remove it.

Separation of video from audio

Now, sometimes we want to mute the original audio or turn it down or its volume. In this case, simply select the video file on the timeline, then swipe the power window from the right side down. Now at the bottom there is an option that says: split into video and audio. Just click on it and the video and audio will be separated on the timeline. You can now perform any operation on this audio file.

Remove the background using Chroma in VSDC

Select the video file on the timeline, now click Video Effects -> Transparency -> Background Removal.

Now once the background is removed, simply import any other video or image on the timeline to change the background.

Change video styles, just like the Instagram filter effect

You can change the style of the video and apply a filter like grayscale, sepia, etc. choosing the required style.

Change the video speed from the power menu on the right side

You can change the speed of the video via the menu on the right side. For example, if you want to create a part of the video to double the speed, split the required part and then click the split part, select it and then change the video speed to 200%.

Lower or increase the audio volume

You can change the volume of the audio by lowering it or increasing it. First, split the video and audio, then click on the audio file and then after selecting it, change the audio volume from the menu on the right.

Add text to the video

Just bring the red line to where you want to insert the text in the video. Now, click on the tools menu on the left and then click on Add Text and then click on the created text box and type your text into it. You can drag its corner to make it larger or smaller, and you can also change its position by dragging it.

If you are a free user, disable the Hardware Acceleration option

This is important. Before exporting the project as a final output file, you need to disable the hardware acceleration option as VSDC will not export the project. To disable hardware acceleration, simply click on settings -> acceleration options and uncheck the option that says use hardware acceleration to encode video.

Export project for video output

Finally, click Export Project for the output video. You can select the different formats of the video you want to output. You can also click Rename to change the output directory of the results file.


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