Configure assigned access in Windows 10 to restrict guest account

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Let's say you want your grandfather to only use the mail and not touch anything else on your PC. Or let's say you only want to play one game on your PC and leave everything else intact. Access assigned in Windows 10 it is a very useful feature for this purpose. In the assigned access function, you can restrict any guest account on your PC to use a single application and log out. It's like entering a hotel with only one key and the right to use only one room.

Let's say you have a computer in public spaces designed to use the Internet only. You can install a browser application from the Windows store and then configure assigned access for the guest account so that they can only log in and use an application that is the browser to use the Internet. This way, your important files and software will stay safe.

Follow the guide provided below to configure assigned access

How to use assigned access in Windows 10

Step 1 - First of all create a guest account.

Step 2 - Now open the configuration control panel. To open the settings control panel, press Windows key + me or click start button then click settings.

3 pass - Now, in the right sidebar, click Family and other users. Now click configure assigned access as shown in the image below.

4 pass - Now, click on Choose an account and select the guest account you want to use with the assigned access.

5 pass - Once you have selected the account, choose the application for which you want to grant rights. Here I have chosen the mail application.

That is. Now turn off and log in again to use the assigned login with access to an application of your choice.

What about the apps that aren't there when choosing apps for assigned access? For example, what if you want the guest to only use Facebook and then log out of the system? Well, you can download and install Facebook from the Windows store.

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