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How To Fix Airplane Mode No Shutdown Issues In Windows 10: - Microsoft introduced airplane mode functionality in Windows 8. On a smartphone, airplane mode allows you to disable cellular services and other wireless services such as Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. In airplane mode Windows does a similar job. What if your system takes too long to connect to a Wi-Fi network or can't pair with another Bluetooth-enabled device? Sometimes just toggle airplane mode on and off again to fix the problem. But in Windows 10, the airplane mode functionality faces a lot of problems. The main problem is that once airplane mode is turned on, clicking the Airplane Mode tile in Action Center will not turn off Airplane mode. This problem does not always occur. But sometimes this irritates users. Another problem with airplane mode is that the airplane mode icon in the system tray on the taskbar refuses to disappear even after disabling airplane mode. These problems can be solved very easily by following the methods explained in this article.

Initial solutions-

1. On some laptops, the hotkeys may switch to 'Over' or 'Off' airplane mode.

Example - You can change the flight mode by pressing the "button"Fn'+'Print Scr'keys together.

2. Check if there is Windows Update pending or not.

Method 1: restart the radio services

Restarting the radio services on your computer may solve the problem.

1. Press Tasto Windows + R open Running window.

2. In the Run window, type "services.msc" window.

3. In the Services window, scroll down to search for 'Radio Management Service'.

Four. Double click on "Radio management service“To change it.

5. Click 'Start type:' and select 'Automatic“From the drop down menu.

6. Finally, click on "Request"And then click"all right”To save the changes.

Near Window Services.

Now try to change the airplane mode on your device.

Method 2 Adjust the power management of the adapter

Adjustment of

1. Press Tasto Windows + R, to lunch Run window.

2. Now type "ncpa.cpl“And hit Pay in.

Network connections will open.

3. In the Network Connections window, look at the network adapter your computer is using to connect to the Internet.

(NOTE: - For this device, it is “Nano USB Wireless 802.11bgn 150Mbps Adapter“ What you can see just below the network name ”Anonymous'. )

4. Press Tasto Windows + R to open the Run window.

5. In the Run window, type "devmgmt.msc“And then press Pay in.

Device Administrator window will open.

6. In the Device Administrator window, expand "Network adapters".

7. Now, right click on the network card you are using and then click on "Property".

8. Now go to "Energy management“tab.

9. Then deselect the option "Allow the computer to turn off this device to save power".

10. Now click on "all right”To save these changes.

Close the Device Administrator window.

Method 2: disable airplane mode in settings

  • Open Settings from the left panel of the start menu

  • After launching click Network and internet settings

  • Click Airplane mode. Toggle the toggle button at the bottom Turn it on to stop all wireless communications in the off position to disable airplane mode. After disabling airplane mode, make sure the Wi-Fi and Bluetooth buttons are turned on.

Method 3: turn on the Wi-Fi settings

Even after following Method 1, if you are unable to turn off Airplane Mode from Action Center, try the steps below.

  • Navigate to Settings -> Network & Internet as explained in the previous method.
  • Click on Wi-Fi. Turn on the Wi-Fi toggle button. You can now see all available networks.

  • Now click on the Wi-Fi network you want to connect and tap Connect. If you have configured your PC to automatically connect to a Wi-Fi network, your PC will automatically connect to that network after turning on Wi-Fi.

Method 4: remove the airplane mode icon from the taskbar

As mentioned, sometimes the airplane mode icon may not disappear even after disabling the airplane mode. So, follow the steps below to get rid of the systray icon.

  • Open Windows Explorer or any folder.
  • Now press Ctrl + Shift + Esc to start the task manager. If the task manager opens with limited details, click More Details to see all running processes.

  • Under Applications find Windows Explorer section right click on it. In the expanded menu, select Curriculum vitae.

Restarting Windows Explorer will update the icons in the system tray. Now the airplane mode icon will disappear anyway.

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