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If you are using Microsoft Excel web application, you are likely to run into MS Excel error "Data recovery. Wait a few seconds and try cutting or copying againWhile trying to cut or copy data from the Excel sheet and move it to your computer. You may see this error mostly within the application and not the actual copied data.

You may also encounter this error when trying to copy and move data from the online version of Excel to its desktop version. This bug seems to have plagued users for years, but Microsoft has yet to find an urgent fix. Fortunately, however, we have found some solutions for you. Let's see how to solve the problem.

Method 1: download and start the Excel file in MS Office

Step 1: Open the Excel online file you want to download and go to yours archive top left tab.

Step 2: From archive menu, select Save eat on the left. Now go to the right side of the panel and select Download a copy.

Once you have successfully downloaded the desired Excel file, you can open it with the desktop edition of Excel. Now you can copy or paste the data without seeing the error message.

What if you don't have the offline version of MS Office?

For the previous method, Microsoft Office must be installed on the computer. However, if you don't have the offline version of MS Office, you can follow the steps below as an alternative:

Step 1: On your Android smartphone, open the file Google Play Store.

Step 2: Search for Microsoft Excel and press the key Install on pc button. This will download and install the Excel application on your smartphone.

Step 3: Now that you have installed the application, transfer the downloaded Excel file to your smartphone and open it with the newly installed Excel application.

Now you can edit the Excel sheet without encountering any errors.

However, if the problem persists then follow the second method.

Method 2: deselect and reselect data

Step 1: Open the Excel file in the Excel web application and deselect the data you were trying to copy or paste.

After deselecting all the selected data, wait for a while.

Step 2: Now, select the data you want to copy again and check by pasting it back into the external application.

After the Excel file has finished the synchronization process, you can easily paste the copied data, without facing the error.

Be patient as it may take a couple of tries to get it right.

However, if you see this error again (you will most likely see it, as this is a temporary solution), try the third method.

Method 3: change the web browser

While this error is mostly found in Internet Explorer, you may encounter this problem with other browsers as well. The best alternative here would be to change the browser as soon as this problem occurs.

Also, if there is no data to lose, just close the tab and then exit the browser. Open another browser and then open the desired Excel spreadsheet in the Excel web application. Now, try moving the data (copy from Excel sheet) to an external application and it should go through without showing any error message.

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