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File Explorer provides a number of useful features for Windows users. But you may see the instruction “The directory name is invalid” when you try to access the files on your disk. This problem usually occurs due to an incorrect format of the drive partition. What you need to do is to follow these step by step solutions on your computer to fix the problem very easily.

Alternative solutions-

1. Try connecting the problematic external drive to another USB port on your computer.

2. Try restarting your computer.

Solution 1: Change the initial value

If you are encountering the error accessing the drive from CMD, this problem may occur.

1. You must write "cmd“In the search box.

2. When you see the "Symbol of the system"In the search result, right-click and then click"Open file location".

3. When you are in the CMD position, right click "Symbol of the system"And click"Property".

4. In the Properties window, go to "ShortcutEyelash ".

5. Delete everything in the "Start:" box.

5. Next, copy and paste the following value into the "Start:' box.


6. Once you've done that, don't forget to click "To apply"TO"ok“To save it on your computer.

Now try to access the same folders / drives using CMD. Check if this helped you solve the problem.

Solution 2: disable the DVD drive

Sometimes you may face this problem while accessing some CD / DVD drive on your computer.

1. Press the button Windows key simultaneously with the 'X'key.

2. Next, click on “Device administrator".

3. In the Device Manager window, you need to expand the "DVD / CD-ROM drive".

4. Next, right-click the DVD drive and then click "Disable device".

5. Then click on "Yup".

After turning off the drive, you need to turn it on again.

7. Right-click the disabled DVD driver, then click "Enable device".

After this close Device Manager.

Check if the problem persists or not.

Solution 3: Run the error-checking command

In case there is something wrong with the drive itself, you will see this error message.

1. You must first go to the File Explorer window.

2. Next, on the left side, go to "What PC".

3. Next, what you need to do is the right mouse button on the problematic drive and click "Property".

4. Click on 'ToolsEyelash ".

5. In the "Error Checking" section, click "Check".

6. Shortly after, click on "Scan and repair the unit".

7. When the message "The drive was scanned successfully" appears, click "Close“To close the Error Checking window.

Now try to access the drive on your computer again.

Solution 4: Create a new simple volume

If you are facing this problem with a removable drive, try creating a new volume on the drive.

1. Press Tasto Windows + R.

2. Digita “diskmgmt.msc“In Run. Then click on "ok".

3. When Disk Management appears, find the USB drive you are having trouble with.

4. Right-click the problematic drive, then click "New simple volume ..."

5. When the New Simple Volume wizard appears, click "The next".

6. Continue by clicking on "The next“Until you reach the 'Complete the new simple volume wizard' page.

7. Then you need to click on "To finish".

Close the Disk Management window on your computer.

Open File Explorer below and check whether or not you can access the drive.

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