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Microsoft Edge is the latest browser released alongside Windows 10. Edge has a different reputation than Internet Explorer and is a fast-loading browser that doesn't crash frequently. They called it a Spartan browser. But Edge shares an annoying feature with Internet Explorer and that it offers to remember passwords. Now in other browsers this is not enabled by default. But, at the very least, this is on by default. Once you hit yes, the password will be saved in encrypted format on the edge, and the next time you visit that website, the password will be preloaded and auto-filled into the password field as soon as you enter your username. With security in mind, most people never use this feature in their life, but it's irritating to see this message every time they open their browser after deciding not to use this feature anymore. If you are not the only user using your PC, we strongly recommend that you disable this feature.

How to disable Edge's offer to remember password feature

Step 1 - Open edge browser. Just click on the three dots at the top right of the browser window.

Step 2 - Click on settings from the menu.

3 pass - Now scroll down and click view advanced settings.

4 pass - Now, under privacy and service there is an option that says offer to save the password. Must be in operation. Switch it off.

You are ready. Edge will no longer offer to save your password and from now on that message (Do you want to save your password?) Won't bother you.

How to delete passwords previously saved in Edge

Step 1 - Press Windows key + x and click on the control panel to open the control panel.

Step 2 - Now once you get to the control panel. click on user account.

3 pass - Click Manage Web Credentials.

4 pass - Now, click on all listed web credentials one by one and click on the Delete link to remove them.


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