Easily generate a battery status report in Windows 10

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As the 21st century progresses, more and more advanced technology around the world offers more hours of battery life. In such a situation, hardly anyone should worry about battery consumption and saving, but what about users who own older models? In fact, it's hard to keep up with the new laptop and tablet models that are released every other day, each with better specs and higher battery levels than the previous one. Since you can't just buy a new device every time your device lags, particularly when it comes to battery power, the smartest thing to do would be to create and view battery reports.

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What is a battery report?

A good battery report shows the user a part of the battery log: how the battery was used recently, when the device was in sleep mode, how much battery was used during recent activity or inactivity. The battery report available for use in the Windows 10 version has a recent usage tab, as well as a representation of battery consumption over a three-day period. The basic battery details are also available for the user to read. If the battery runs out quickly during the three-day period that the device is on, either the device is very old and therefore cannot maintain good battery levels, or has always had poor battery maintenance and high levels of drain. The battery report is also suitable for the user to know and decide how long the device will be used without completely discharging its charge.
A detailed battery report is especially necessary for the Windows 10 version, as the battery saver already provided proved to be an unfortunate flaw. Not only does it not really save battery, but it does not provide detailed information on battery life consumption from various applications and browsers. For Windows 10 users looking for satisfactory information on battery drain distribution on the running device, a periodic battery report is essential.

How to create a battery report

In Windows 10, creating a battery report relies on elementary use of the command prompt.

Step 1 - Open Command Prompt.

By right-clicking on the lower left edge of the screen, or simply by using the hotkeys, the Win key (Windows icon) and the X together, an options pane will appear, among which the user can choose Command Prompt.

Step 2 - Type powercfg /battery report and hit enter.

The output says the battery life report has been saved in C: Users Your_User_name battery-report.html.

Now find the path.

click battery-report.html to view the report.

Battery capacity history

Battery usage history

Other custom commands

The user can type "Powercfg /battery report / duration number_of_days“, And after” Duration “, add the number of days the report should be based on, in figures.

For example, to generate a battery status report for the past 7 days, just use the command

Powercfg /battery report / duration 7

The system then saves a battery report. By default, it will save the report in C: in the user archives, but the user can change the destination if they prefer. Then the user can find the report, saved as an HTML file, and open it using any browser: Chrome, Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge, whatever the user wants to open it.
The battery report feature is also available in the Windows 8 version, with the same command that is used at the command prompt to access the report. However, if the user is accessing a relatively new operating system, whatever version of Windows they are on (although only versions later than 7; Windows 7 does not include a battery report), the user is advised to wait a while before to create a battery. report and that the operating system is running for a considerable period of time so that the generated battery report is more accurate. A comparison of the initial charge capacity of the batteries with the current charge capacities and the discharge rate of the battery will show the user the health of the battery.

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