Error 0xc00db3b2 in Movies & TV app in Windows 10 Fix

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While Windows 10 comes with many innovative features and security features, it also comes with a number of problems. Random errors seem to be a never ending problem with Windows 10 and one of those annoying errors is 0xc00db3b2 that users see when they try to play videos in the Movies & TV app.

Many users have reported that the error appears mostly after a Windows update and affects all video formats including 4K and 360 videos. The 0xc00db3b2 error in the Movies & TV application on their Windows 10 PC is likely due to the fact that the HEVC video extension is not installed, not working correctly, or the application itself contains corrupted content.

However, reinstalling the HEVC extension may not always be the solution. So, let's see how to quickly fix this error.

Solution: via app and functions in the settings app

Step 1: press the Windows key + X together on the keyboard and select settings give the menu answer.

Step 2: A settings application, click Applications on the list.

Step 3: So in Applications windows under the App and features section, scroll down and find the file Movies and TV application. Select it to expand and click Advanced options link in blue below it.

4 phase: In the next window, scroll down and navigate to the file Restart section. Here, click on the file Restart button below. This will erase all saved data, so make sure of this before hitting the button.

In the message that appears below, read the warning and if you are very sure, keep pressing the Reset button again.

Once the sleep process is complete, you should see the Movies & TV app listed again. Now you can play videos of your choice with this app, effortlessly.

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