Error “Cannot save or create this file in Word” in Windows 10

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As you work on your Windows 10 system, you want everything to run smoothly as you complete your important project. But what if something goes wrong with an app, software, or file? Your work rhythm is disrupted and you end up spending a lot more time researching how to fix it to get back to work.

This can be frustrating. One of these annoying cases is the "Word cannot save or create this file“Which occurs when you try to exit a Word file and want to save the unsaved document. It is displayed constantly preventing you from saving the document on exit. So how to fix this error? Let's find out.

Method: via app data location

Step 1: Go to Home button located at the bottom left of the desktop, on the file Application bar. Right-click on it and select Run give the menu answer.

Step 2: In Run box, type % appdata% Microsoft in the search field and press ok.

Step 3: Opens position in File Explorer. Now search for the file models folder. The folder icon will be white and not the usual light brown color.

Select the Model folder and press Delete.

Step 4: Now, right click on an empty area, select Newand click Folder from the submenu.

Step 5: Now, name the new folder like models.

That's all. Now go back to the Word file you want to save, exit the file and now you can save the file easily.

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