Excel out of memory, insufficient resources to show full problem in Windows 10

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You are facing "Out of Excel memory, insufficient resources for a full view“Error message when you try to edit an Excel worksheet on your computer? You don't need to worry anymore, as this problem usually occurs when trying to edit a large Excel worksheet that contains a large number of calculations. Follow the solutions prescribed in this article and the problem will be solved in no time. But before moving on to the main solutions, don't forget to go through the solutions to run some tests on the problem.

Alternative solutions-

1. First, you need to check if this problem occurs on a specific worksheet or any other worksheet. Just open and try to edit any other worksheet (such as adding extra columns / rows in the worksheet).

2. If this is the first time this type of problem has occurred on your computer, reboot your computer can help you.

3. Disable the antivirus on your computer and then check if the error occurs or not.

If the problem is prior to system reboot, follow these solutions.

Fix-1 Check the contents of the spreadsheet-

1. Open Stand Out worksheet on your computer. After opening the worksheet, check these following parameters:

for. Double-check all the formulas you've used Stand Out Spreadsheet.

second. Double-check all calculations on the worksheet

C. Check the worksheet for unnecessary shapes or images.

re. Try to reduce the number of charts and graphs with a large number of data points.

If you did and the error persists, find the next solution.

Fix-2 Remove unnecessary Excel add-ins-

Sometimes the Stand Out plugins can cause this problem eventually. To disable the unnecessary Stand Out plugin, follow these steps:

1. Open Stand Out worksheet in which you address the problem.


Click on the Search box next to the Windows icon and type "Stand out", Click on"Stand out”Open Stand Out on your computer.

2. In the Distinguish window, click "archive“In the menu bar.

3. Now scroll down and on the left side of the same window, click on “Choices".

4. In the Excel Options window, click "Accessories“On the left side of the window.

5. You will see the list of plugins on the right side of the same window.

6. Click on 'Andiamo“On the right side of the window.

7. In the Accessories window, deselect the plugin you find unnecessary (which you don't use much).

8. Finally, click on "ok“To save the changes.

Relaunch Stand out the computer window for the changes to take effect. Check if you still have the same problem or not.

Excel Fix-3- Repair

Repairing MS Office applications can fix this problem on your computer.

1. Click in the search box and type "Programs and features".

2. Next, click on “Programs and features“In the search result.

3 inch Program and functions, scroll down to find "Microsoft Office Professional Plus".

Four. Right click on it and then click "Modify".

5. When you are asked? How would you like to repair your Office programs? ", You need to click"Quick repair".

6. Then click on "Repair“To start the repair process on your computer.

Once the repair is complete, it may be necessary start again your computer to see the changes.

After restarting, open the Excel sheet on your computer again.

Your problem should be solved.

Additional tips-

1. This error mainly occurs due to excessive load on the computer, caused by complex Excel files with many graphs, tables, etc. You may need to increase the physical memory (RAM) from your computer.

2. Check if there are any pending updates for Windows 10.

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