Find all the services associated with your Google account

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Find all the services associated with your Google account. is a web service that finds all applications and accounts that your Google account is associated with.

How many times have you signed up for a service or app with your Google account and now you have an inbox that receives emails that you don't even remember subscribing to.

Thanks to you will be able to check all the services activated thanks to your Google account and delete those that you consider initile.

Visit and log into your Google account. Let the service access the information it needs to generate a list of applications and services connected to your account. This can last between 1-5 minutes. The screen may appear to not load anything for a few seconds, but it is working.

When the list is generated, each item has three buttons next to it. You will then be able to decide whether to unsubscribe from that service or not.

Once you're done with the list, scroll down and click the Delete button next to the service or application. You will be redirected to the service / app page to delete your account. aggregates a list of services and applications associated with you Google account but does not automate the deletion process. It also doesn't support all services. Some applications and services that do not have a delete mechanism in place simply cannot be deleted via The only thing you can do is revoke the application or service access to your Google account.

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