Find which generation (3rd / 4th / 5t / 6th) is your Windows PC?

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Find your Intel processor generation in Windows: - You have purchased this brand new silver top laptop and are ready to show it to your friends. As you show them the backgrounds and all the other beautiful things, the technician in your circle throws this question at you; So is it the third or fourth generation ?. You go WHAT ?? for a second. Nothing can be more embarrassing than not knowing the technicalities of your system. At least you need to know your computer's processor generation. It's not just about the potential embarrassment it is about. You need to know the processor generation to get the right hardware for your system or for a proper upgrade. So what are you waiting for? Read the article to find a lot of information about your processor and its generation.


  • You need to access the This PC properties page. For that, right click on This PC and click on Properties option.


  • Successful execution of the previous step will result in the opening of a new window called System. the System The window provides all the basic information about your computer. Look for a section called System. Under the System section, there will be an entry called Processor. the Processor The entry gives a lot of information about the generation of the processor, its name, etc. In the screenshot below, you can see that my i5. the I series Name the processor and the hard part is figuring out your processor generation. To find out which generation your processor belongs to, write down the serial number. In the screenshot below, the serial key is 4210U.


  • You may not be familiar with the format in which processor information is displayed. You need to visit the Intel website to view Intel processor generation codes. Now using CTRL + F you can search for processor details using the corresponding code. Find the code 4210U to get all the information about your processor.

Learn about your processor generation and much more about your processor today. Share the information with your friends too. Hope you found the article useful. Stay tuned for more updates, tips, instructions and tricks.

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