Firefox Quantum: test the new beta on Android and iOS computers

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Firefox Quantum tests the new beta on Android and iOS computers.

Mozilla is almost ready to release its new view of Firefox to the world. This will be called Firefox Quantum.

It was designed to make Firefox like a Google Chrome challenger. Firefox Quantum is faster, more efficient and better. And the beta is now available for you to try.

Google Chrome pretty much owns the web browser market right now. Google's ever-impressive browser boasts a 55% market share, with Safari in second place. Firefox is in third place and for this reason it tries to recover in the ranking of the most used browsers with this new version.

Firefox 57 e Firefox Quantum

According to the Mozilla blog, Firefox 57 offers vast improvements over previous versions that require a new name. That, if you hadn't already guessed by now, about Firefox Quantum. This is not an incremental update, but a new version of Firefox.

FirefoxQuantum has been improved at the surface and under the hood. It features a rebuilt UI called Photon, with a modern, minimalist design, square tabs, and smooth animations. But it is the engine that Mozilla really went into, with Quantum it will be possible to use more CPU cores and a new CSS engine built in Rust.

Quantum will launch on November 14, and anyone using Firefox will update it automatically. However, if you are interested in trying the Firefox Quantum beta, you can download it now (Windows, MacOS and Linux), and.

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