Firefox Send: what is the free file sharing service and how it works

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Firefox Send and allows anyone, regardless of which browser they are using, to send files. The files are encrypted and can be set to expire.

Firefox Send allows you to share encrypted files through a link which expires automatically so you are guaranteed that your content is shared confidentially and won't stay online forever.

How to use Firefox Send

Firefox Send allows you to send files up to 1 GB but if you register for free you can send files up to 2,5 GB.

Firefox Send works with any browser just go up.

Once on the site, simply drag and drop the files you want to send or select the files to share. You can then set the expiration of the files after a certain amount of time or number of downloads. You can also protect files with a password.

Once done click Charge . A download link is then provided for you to copy, which you can share with whoever you want.

Anyone who sends the link just has to click on it. They will then be redirected to Firefox Send, where they can click Download to download the files.


As you can see sharing files even for the less experienced now with Firefox Send it is very simple just click a link and they can immediately download the files you have shared safely thanks to Firefox.

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