Fix Amazon KFAUWI device displayed on network in Windows 10

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Those using the Windows 10 operating system platform may encounter this rather strange problem where they can see this random device called Austin-Amazon KAUFWI on the network. For example, if you are connected to a WiFi network, it may appear in the same list of networks. When you right click on it and open its Windows Properties, it will open like eg. Austin property. Under the network device, you can hardly see the details except the manufacturer name which is Amazon and the model / model number such as KAUFWI.

While many may think their system has been hacked, Austin appears to be the motherboard name of Amazon devices such as Kindle, Fire, etc. Furthermore, KAUFWI is a system (based on Linux) used by developers to perform functions such as device detection. However, it can be annoying and a little scary to find a random device on the net by reading a question about your system's security.

So how do we deal with this problem? Let's see how.

Solution: through services

Step 1: Click on Home on the desktop and type Services in the search field. Double-click the result to open the file Services window.

Step 2: In Services window, on the right side of the pane, below Your name, search for Windows Connect Now – Config Registrar. Double click on it.

Step 3: In Windows Connect Now – Config Registrar Properties window, under the General tab, go to To boot type section and change the field to Disabled. Now, under the Status of the service section, make sure the service is not running. Click To apply and then ok to save changes and exit.

That's it, and now you're done solving the problem. You should no longer see the unknown device, Austin-Amazon KAUFWI on your network.

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