Fix: Blue Screen Error “ETD.sys UNMANAGED KMODE EXCEPTION” in Windows 10

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Some Windows 10 users, especially laptop users, complain of a BSOD error followed by an error message "KMODE EXCEPTION NOT MANAGED ETD.sys“On their devices. ETD stands for ElanS Trackpad Device. As you already guessed, this problem occurs due to a damaged trackpad driver on your system. Disabling it from System Configuration will fix this problem.

Fix-1 Disable Elan Services in Safe Mode-

Disabling Elan services in Safe Mode will fix this problem.


Since your computer has been facing a blue screen of death (BSOD), the Auto Repair error window should appear automatically.

But, in case the Automatic Repair file does not open automatically, you have to open the window manually-

1. Turn off your computer.

2. Then, start your computer.

When you see that the computer is starting up, press and hold the power button for 5 seconds to force the device to shut down.

3. Keep repeating this process start-force shutdown-start 3 times and the fourth time let your computer boot normally.

You will see the automatic window repair.

4. Then click on “Advanced options".

5. Next, you need to click on "Troubleshoot".

6. Then click on “Advanced options".

7. To access the "Startup Settings“, Click on it.

8. Then click on “Restart“To restart your computer in safe mode.

9. Some Startup Settings options will be visible.

10. Press "5”For 'Enable Safe Mode with Networking' access.

Your computer will start in Safe Mode with Network Access.

11. To open the Run window, press "Windows key + R".

12. In the Run window, type "msconfig"And click"ok".

13. In the System Configuration window, go to the "Services"Form.

14. Now, check the option "Hide all Microsoft services“To hide them from the list.

15. Scroll down e deselect the "Servizi Elan“From the list to disable it.

16. Now, click on “To apply"And then click"ok".

Restart your computer. Your computer will boot without Elan Services.

Fix-2 Disable TabletInputService-

In case you can't find "Servizi Elan“In the previous method, follow these steps:

1. In the Automatic Repair window, then click on “Advanced options".

2. Once the "Troubleshoot“, Click on it.

3. In the Troubleshoot window, click "Advanced options".

4. To access the "Startup Settings“, Click on it.

5. Now, click on “Restart“To restart your computer in safe mode.

6. You will now be shown the options for Startup Settings.

7. Press "4”For 'Enable Safe Mode'.

8. Now, press Ctrl + Shift + Esc together to launch the Task Manager window.

9. In the Task Manager window, go to "Services".

10. Scroll down e right click over it "TabletInputService"And click"Open Services".

The Services window will open.

11. In the Services window, scroll down and double click over it "Touch Keyboard Service and Handwriting Panel".

12. Now, under 'Startup type:' click on the drop-down menu and choose “Disabled“From the list.

13. Finally, click on "To apply"And then on"ok“To disable the touch keyboard service on your computer.

Near Window Services.

Restart the computer in normal mode. Your problem will be solved.

Fix-3 Elimina driver ETD.sys-

If nothing works, deleting ETD.sys driver and installing the latest driver version might work for you.

1. In the Automatic Repair window, click the “Advanced options".

2. Now, click on the button "Troubleshoot“Option to solve the problem.

4. Now, click on “Advanced options".

5. Next, click on the "Command Prompt“To access it.

6. To rename the ETD.sys file, type these commands in the terminal and press'enter'to run it in sequence.

c: cd C:WindowsSystem32Drivers ren ETD.sys ETD.sys.old

Near Command Prompt window.

Restart your computer and everything should work perfectly.

Your problem will be solved.

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