Fix: Bluetooth does not appear in the missing Device Manager icon in Windows 10

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The Bluetooth driver does not appear in Device Administrator or the Bluetooth icon is missing from your computer? If any of these are causing you problems, don't worry. Follow these simple solutions and the problem will be solved in no time.

Fix-1 Turn on Bluetooth

You can easily turn on the Bluetooth device 'NEL' on your computer from Settings.

1. First, you need to go to the Settings window.

2. Now click on "devices".

3. At first, when the Settings window opens, click on “Bluetooth and other devices".

4. Then click 'Bluetooth' to convert it 'In".

Now check if you can see that the Bluetooth icon is visible on the desktop and in the Device Administrator file.

Fix-2 Create a desktop shortcut for Bluetooth-

Creating a desktop shortcut for the Bluetooth icon is an alternative approach to solve the problem.

1. Press Tasto Windows + R have lunch Running.

2. To access the file copy paste this line in the window running and knocks Log in.

C: WindowsSystem32

3. In the System32 folder, click in the search box and type "fsquirt".

4. You will see "fsquirt“In the search results with the Bluetooth icon.

5. The right mouse button in "fsquirt"And then click"copy“To copy the application.

Close Window File Browser.

6. Go to the desktop.

7. In the Desktop window, paste the application.

You can use Bluetooth by simply double clicking on the "fsquirt“From his desk.

Your problem will be solved.

Fix-3 Installa driver Bluetooth manualmente-

Manual installation of the Bluetooth driver will surely solve the problem.

1. Open a browser window on your computer.

2. Digita “driver bluetooth intel per windows 10“And then press Log in.

3. In the search results window, click on “Download the Intel Wireless Bluetooth Driver for Windows 10".

4. In the Downloads Available window, click "download“To download the driver according to the CPU architecture (32-bit or 64-bit).

5. Now click on "I accept the terms of the license agreement.".

6. Now choose a location to store the file.

7. Then click on "Save“To save the file on your computer.

Once downloaded, close the browser window.

8. Press Windows key + E Open File Explorer window and go to the location where you downloaded the file.

9. In the File Browser window, double click in "BT_21.90.2_64_Win10”To start the installation.

10. In the installation window, click on "The next".

11. Again, click "The next".

12. Now, check the option "I accept the terms of the license agreement.".

13. Now click on "The next".

14. In the Choose Installation Type window, click "To complete".

15. Finally, once the installation is complete, click on "To finish“To complete the process.

Restart your computer. After restarting the computer, the problem will be resolved.

Fix-4 Installa hardware legacy

Installing older hardware on the computer may fix the problem.

1. Press Tasto Windows + R Open running.

2. To access the Utility Device Administrator file, type "devmgmt.msc“And hit Log in.

3. In the Device Administrator window, click "Action“In the menu bar.

4. Next, click on “Add legacy hardware".

5. Then you need to click on "The next".

6. In the Add Hardware window, click "Install hardware that I manually select from a list (advanced)".

7. Now click on "The next".

7. In the Add Hardware window, click "Network adapters".

8. Finally, click on "The next".

9. In the next window, select "Microsoft“As a producer.

10. On the right side, select "Bluetooth device (RFCOMM TDI protocol)".

The Bluetooth driver will be installed on your computer.

Now all you need to do is install the default driver for your Bluetooth device.

1. In the Device Administrator utility window, look for the "BluetoothExpand it and it will expand to show the available drivers.

2. Hence, the right mouse button on the Bluetooth adapter you are using, then click "Update Driver".

3. Next, click on “Search my computer for driver software".

6. Then click "Let me choose from a list of drivers available on my computer".

7. Now in this window, you will notice the unit, choose the Bluetooth driver on your computer.

8. Now click on "The next".

Wait a moment while the Bluetooth driver installs on your computer.

9. Click on 'Close“To close the Update Drivers window.

Now close the Device Manager window.

This will definitely solve your problem.

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