Fix C drive is full and shows red in Windows 10

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Lack of space on C: drive can slow down your computer a lot. It affects startup time, reduces caching options, and ultimately delivers a deadlock experience to users. In most cases, the C drive contains unnecessary numbers of Restore Points, Temporary Files, Windows Update files, etc. Emptying this data will solve this problem for you.

Try these fixes to clean up unnecessary files and eliminate the problem of running out of space.

Fix-1 Remove unnecessary restore points

Deleting unnecessary restore points will fix this problem.

1. Press Tasto Windows + R have lunch Running window on your computer.

2. Now copy and paste or type "sysdm.cpl“And then press Pay in.

System Properties window will open.

3. Go to “System protection“tab.

4. Then click on "Setting up”To configure the recovery point settings, manage disk spaces.

5. You may notice 'Current Usage:' which is the space acquired by the Restore Points.

6. Click on 'To delete”To remove unnecessary restore points from your computer.

7. Click on 'Continue”To confirm the deletion process.

8. After deleting the restore points, click "Creation”To create a new restore point on your computer.

9. Now name the restore point you want.

10. Then click on "Creation”To create a new restore point on your computer.

You have to wait a while as this process can take some time.

11. In the last step, click on "Request"And then inside"all right”To save the changes on your computer.

Near System Properties window.

You will notice an increase in the blank space in the C: handle.

Fix-2 Use Disk Cleanup to Clean C: drive-

Disk Cleanup is an excellent tool for cleaning unnecessary files from drives.

1. To open a run window, press Windows + R.

2. Now, to start the Disk Cleanup, copy paste this command in Run and Strike Pay in.

cleanmgr /lowdisk

3 inch Disk Cleanup - Drive Selection window, from the option "Unit:“You need to select the drive where you installed Windows.

(For us it's 'C:')

3. Now, in the "File to delete:" option, check all options in the list.

4. Next, click on “Clean the system files".

5. Then click on "all right”To start the cleaning process on your computer.

6. When you receive a confirmation message, click on "Delete files".

Disk Cleanup The process will take a few minutes to clean all junk files from your system.

Once the cleaning process is complete, start again your computer. It should eliminate a lot of junk files from your computer.

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