Fix Camera Error “0xA00F424F (0x80131500) in Windows 10

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Many users are experiencing strange camera errors on their Windows PC, so when they open the camera it pops up without any problem, but when they try to take a picture in the camera application it shows the error “0xA00F424F

(0x80131500). If you are also affected by this error, here are the methods by which you can easily fix this error.

Solution 1: Change the camera app save location

1. Click Home and then the gear icon to open it settings.

2. Click work.

3. Click Storage in the menu on the left.

4. Click change the location where new content is saved

5. Locate the section The new photos and videos will be saved in:

6. Select any other location from the drop-down menu in a different one, by default C unit is selected, select ri.

The reason this solves your problem is that most of the time the roll of film folder gets corrupted causing the error. changing the camera roll folder to a different one solves the problem most of the time.

Solution 2: Using File Explorer

1. Open Browser on file.

2. Copy and paste the address listed below into the address bar.


3. Right-click on camera roll and choose property.

4. Click Inserisci.

5. Choose any other location (include any other folder as you like where you want to save camera pictures)

6. Now select the new location and click Set save location.

7. Click Apply and then OK.

8. Now close the window and check the camera app again.

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