Fix: Data model issue preventing Excel from opening the workbook

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When accessing a worksheet with a Stand out from the previous version there may be an encounter ... 'The data model could not be loaded'. This error basically occurs if you use outdated Stand Out (Like- MS Excel 2013 or earlier) to open new datasheets in preparation which contain newer data models. Follow these fixes to fix the problem.

Alternative solutions

1. Disable your antivirus while using MS Excel. Sometimes the AV settings interfere with the file distinguish processes.

2. Save your work first and then close Excel. Sometimes force closing an Excel document can solve this kind of problem.

Solution 1: Use the latest versions of Excel

The simplest solution to this problem is to use a newer version of Stand Out. There are a good number of Stand Out alternatives available in the market.

Solution 2: Change the local group policy settings

1. In the beginning you should write "Local Group Policy“In the search engine.

2. A simple click on the "Edit Group Policy“In the search result and you will see that the Local Group Policy Editor file has appeared on the screen.

3. After the Editor appears on the screen, expand the left side like this-

Computer Configuration/Windows Settings/Security Settings/Local Policies/User Rights Assignment

4. On the right side of the Policy section, scroll down to find "Increase the working set of a process".

5. Double click on it.

6. In the Increase a process while working smet policy screen, click "Add user or group ...".

7. In the Enter the object names to select window, type "users".

8. Then click on "Check the names".

9. Click on 'ok".

10. Next, click on “To apply".

10. Finally, click on "ok".

After doing that, close the Local Group Policy Editor screen.
Try accessing the Excel document again.

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