Fix: Delivery Optimization Service does not stop in Windows 10

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Is he Optimizing Delivery Service Won't Shut Down? If this is the case where you find yourself, you must first make a change to the registry. Only after the modification is it possible to modify the service. But before proceeding to the main solutions, you should have a look at the initial solutions section, if they can provide a viable solution to this problem:

Initial solutions

1. Restart your device and then try to close the service.

2. Try making the change from an administrative account.

If none of these preliminary solutions worked, try this solution:

Correction: Registry modification

Changing the value of a registry key can fix this problem.

1. Click Search box and then type "regedit".

2. Now click on "Registry Editor“From the search results to open it on your computer.


After opening the Registry Editor window, click on “archive">"Export“To create a registry backup. Give the backup an appropriate name and keep it in a safe place.

After reviewing our solution, if you find a problem, import this backup to your computer.

3. Now, on the left side, do this:


4. Then, on the right side, double click in "Home”DWORD value to change it.

5. Set the value of this DWORD Value in "4".

6. Click on 'ok“To save the changes.

Close the Registry Editor window.

Restart your computer to save the changes.

That is! After reboot, you can check the status of Optimizing Service Delivery by following these simple steps:

1. Press Tasto Windows + R to open the Run window.

2. Digita “services.msc"And then click"ok“To access the Services utility.

3. In the Services window, scroll down until you see "Delivery optimization"Service.

Four. Double click on it to check its status.

You should now see that the service is disabled on your computer.

But in case you see that it is not disabled, do the following:

1. Set the startup type to "Disabled".

2. Now click on "To apply", Then click"ok".

This way you can configure the Delivery Optimization deactivation on your computer.

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