Fix: Desktop icons load slowly in Windows 10

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Do the icons on your computer desktop load very slowly? In that case, you will have to face the problem of the longest boot time on your computer. You can solve this problem simply by following these simple solutions on your computer.

Fix-1 Remove Iconcache from local folder-

Iconcache is the cache which contains temporary information about the cache, deleting it will solve this problem.

1. Press Tasto Windows + R have lunch Running window.

2. To access the temporary folder, you need to type "%temperature%“And then press Pay in.

3. In the Temperature folder, click "Local”In the address bar to return to the designated folder.

4. In the Local folder, in the menu bar, click on "viewing".

5. Then click on "choices".

6. Now go to "viewing“tab.

7. Now, check the option "Show hidden files, folders and drives".

8. Now click on "Request" Yup all right“To save him.

You will see hidden files / folders on your computer.

9. Now scroll down and look for the "Iconcache"file. If it's not there, try to locate IconCache.db proceedings.

10 The right mouse button on him "Iconcache“File (O IconCache.db file) and then click "To delete”To remove it from your computer.

Close the File Browser window.

Take up again on the PC for the changes to take effect.

After rebooting, check the loading time of the icons on the desktop.

Fix-2 Remove all Appdata iconcache files-

1. By pressing Tasto Windows + R the Running Terminal.

2. Paste run this command and then click "all right".


3. In the Application Data file, double click on him "Local”Folder to access it.

Local> Microsoft> Windows> Windows Explorer

4. Now in Folder Explorer, select all files (iconcache / thumbcache) and then press the 'button'To delete'on the keyboard to empty the folder.

Close the File Browser window.

You will need Take up again your computer.

After rebooting, check the loading time of the icons on the desktop.

Fix-3 Add string value in registry editor-

1. Click the search box in the lower left corner for "regedit“In the search box.

2. Then click on "Registry Editor".

The Registry Editor window will open.


The preliminary process before looking for the actual solution is to create a backup copy of the Registry Editor. To do this, after opening the registry editor, do not click on "archive"In the menu bar and then click"Export".

Do not forget to Save backup to a safe place.

3. Now, expand the headings on the left side like so:


4. Now, the right mouse button in "Explorer"And then in sequence click on"New>"And then inside"String value".

5. Assign a name to the new string "Maximum number of icons in the cache".

6. Now on the right side of the Registry Editor window, double click in "Max Cached icons".

7. In the Edit window string put "4096”In the 'Value data:' option.

8. Click on 'all right”To save the changes on your computer.

Close the Registry Editor window and then start again computer to save the changes to your computer.

After restarting the problem will be solved.

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