Fix File System Error -2147219196 in Windows 10

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12 October 2018 By karan

Although Windows updates generally fix known problems with the operating system, in some cases they alter existing files on the system. One of these situations occurred after Windows Update v1803 (April Update) users started getting the following error:

Repair file system error -2147219196

Microsoft has sent a fix for the problem in another Windows update, however, if the system files have already been damaged, they may need to be fixed.


Although the root cause is a failed Windows update, it in turn causes bad sectors on the hard drive, missing files in the system, file system encryptions, and corrupted Windows components.

First of all, update Windows to the latest version. It might help with the error, but not if the system files are already damaged or missing. This is the procedure for updating Windows manually.

Next, try the following solutions in sequence:

1] Disable file system encryption

2] SFC scan

3] Run a CHKDSK scan

Solution 1] Disable file system encryptions

Windows allows users to encrypt file systems to prevent misuse of crucial data. However, sometimes this encryption makes it difficult for users to access the files themselves. If so, we may disable file system encryption. This is the procedure for disabling file system encryption.

Solution 2] SFC scan

Troublesome Windows update crashed with crucial files on the system. Even if we roll back the update or install the corrective update, the problem would remain as the files were not replaced. This can be done using an SFC scan. This is the procedure for an SFC scan.

Solution 3] Run a CHKDSK scan

One of the causes of this problem are bad sectors of the hard drive. This could be checked and corrected by a CHKDSK scan. This is the procedure for a CHKDSK scan.

Hopefully, this will help solve the problem.

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