Fix INTERNAL_POWER_ERROR blue screen in Windows 10

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The blue screen of death errors occurs when some components or processes fail in such a way that the system cannot maintain a session. One of those cases with the error:

INTERNAL_POWER_ERROR Blue screen in Windows 10


The underlying cause of the INTERNAL_POWER_ERROR blue screen in Windows 10 is a fatal error with Power Policy Manager. This could be due to a failed driver, virus or malware, a broken hardware component, or missing files in the system.

Preliminary steps

1] Update Windows: Windows update will update the drivers and may fix the problem. This is the procedure for updating Windows.

2] Use Windows Defender or a trusted third-party antivirus software to scan your system.

3] Uninstall recently installed suspicious software, especially freeware.

4] Disconnect any hardware peripherals other than the necessary ones (such as the keyboard) and reconnect them one at a time to find which hardware component was causing the problem.

Next, proceed with the following solutions:

1} Update the drivers

2} Increase the size of the hibernation file.

3} Run troubleshooters


Solution 1] Update the drivers

The general procedure for updating drivers in Windows 10 is explained here. We need to update all drivers in the system because we don't know which driver is causing the problem.

However, as it is very complicated to update all drivers, the best method would be to use a third party driver update software or update all drivers with the automatic update option in Intel Download Center website.

Solution 2] Increase the size of the hibernation file

The default hibernation file size is 75%. However, we can increase it to 100% by using the elevated command prompt. The procedure is the following:

1] Find Command Prompt in the window search bar and right click on the option. Select Run as administrator.

2] Type the following command and press Enter to execute it:

powercfg / hibernate / size 100

3] Restart the system and see if it helps with the problem.

Solution 3] Run the troubleshooter

While some troubleshooting tools can be run from the Windows Settings menu, many can only be run via command lines. You can run the Performance Troubleshooter and System Maintenance Troubleshooter as explained below:

1] Open the command prompt with elevated privileges as explained in Solution 2.

2] Type the following command and press Enter to run the performance troubleshooter:

msdt.exe / id PerformanceDiagnostic

3] Now type the following command and hit Enter to run the System Maintenance Troubleshooter:

msdt.exe / id MaintenanceDiagnostic

4] Restart the system and see if it helps.

Solution 4] Run CHKDSK

The CHKDSK command helps to check for bad sectors on the hard drive. This is the procedure for running a CHKDSK scan.

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