Fix Netflix Error Code U7363-1261-8004B82E in Windows 10

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Netflix has apparently taken the market by storm and ranks well above its competitors. As incredible as an app is, nothing is perfect. Users have reported bugs with it. A known bug for Windows users is:

Netflix error code U7363-1261-8004B82E


The error is not specific to Netflix but to the Windows system. It is with Microsoft Silverlight. The normal case is when the default browser is using an older version of Microsoft Silverlight. Another case is if the Netflix application is damaged. We would solve the problems accordingly.

Try the following steps in sequence:

Solution 1] Update Windows

Ideally, Microsoft Silverlight should be updated alongside Windows. Here's how to update Windows. Reboot your system once you're done.

Solution 2] Install Microsoft Silverlight manually

In case you don't want to install all pending Windows updates or just the Windows update didn't work, you can download and install Microsoft Silverlight from Microsoft's website directly.

Solution 3] Delete the mspr.hds file

Microsoft PlayReady uses the mspr.hds file, which is required for Netflix streaming. If it gets damaged, we may face the above mentioned problem. In this situation, we could delete the file and reboot the system. Upon restart, Windows will automatically create a new file.

1] Open File Explorer by pressing Win + E.

2] Open the system drive, which is usually the file C: guide.

3] Use the search box in the upper right corner of the folder to search mspr.hds.

4] Delete the file mspr.hds file e start again the system.

Check if it helps solve the problem. It probably should. If not, move on to the next solution.

Solution 4] Reset the Netflix application for Windows

1] Click the Start button and then the gear symbol to open the Settings window.

2] Go to Applications >> Applications and functions.

3] Select the Netflix application, then select Advanced options.

4] Click Reset to reset the application and restart the system.

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