Fix NoExecute memory blue screen attempt in Windows 10

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2 September 2020 By karan

The blue screen of death errors has always been a horror to Windows users. They immediately shut down the system and the user can lose any unsaved data. They are sometimes very difficult to fix, especially if they occur within seconds of starting the system.


This error can occur every few days or several times an hour. In the case of the latter, it can be difficult to fix, but we can do it if we're fast enough.


Like most BSoD errors, the cause of this error is a problem with the drivers. Therefore, we will plan the troubleshooting to fix the problem accordingly.

Try the following solutions in sequence:

Solution 1] Check your RAM

The reason behind this specific BSoD error is that the system memory is overused. If this happens with a new system, check that you have enough RAM. For instance. When I bought my first Windows 10 PC, the minimum RAM requirement was 2GB and that's exactly what I had on my system. But as soon as I installed other programs, the system slowed down and started freezing. Therefore, you may need to consider adding RAM to your system despite the additional cost.

If the system was working fine before and you started facing this problem recently, you may need to check if any of the RAM chips have come loose or if there are any other related issues.

A good way to check the situation is through the Windows memory diagnostics.

1] Press Win + R to open the Run window. gender mjed and press Enter to open the file Windows memory diagnostics window.

2] Click Restart now and check for problems (recommended).

This will restart the system and clear the situation with RAM. If the RAM is faulty, you may want to consider replacing it.

Solution 2] Update Windows

Windows update is an easy and well known solution that works miraculously well.

Go to Settings> Update & Security and update your Windows 10 PC.

Solution 3] Update the drivers

As mentioned above, the exact cause may be different, but all Blue Screen of Death errors are rooted in driver issues. Therefore, updating the drivers is a crucial step when trying to fix these errors.

Solution 4] Uninstall redundant or problematic programs

Since the problem was memory overload, in addition to controlling the physical RAM, we need to troubleshoot the programs. Keep in mind that a system has limited RAM (unless you're too keen on RAM) and that some applications require a lot of RAM. So we check unverified programs, heavy programs and heavy games. We should decide what to uninstall to lighten the load on the system.

1] Press Win + R to open the Run window. Type control panel and press Enter to open the Control Panel window.

2] Go to Programs and features. In the list of programs, find the problematic ones and right click and uninstall them.

Solution 5] Check the hardware components

The problem can also be caused by peripheral interference. As mentioned above, BSoD errors are caused by problematic drivers. Drivers can also be installed by unwanted hardware.

Therefore, remove any newly connected hardware components and, if possible, remove any peripherals other than the basic ones (keyboard, mouse, etc.). Check if it helps with the problem.

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