Fix stuck in "Check Network Requirements" on Windows 10 PC

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Ever since Windows 8 was released, OS versions have consistently faced network connectivity issues. Previously, with Windows 8, “limited or no connectivity error” was a common problem. Microsoft has tried to address these issues by improving the situation with each update. However, many users still face network problems.

One of the most commonly reported network problems in Windows 10 is "Checking Network Requirements".

This happens when the user tries to connect to the network, however the system does not connect or displays the error message “Cannot connect to this network”. You could try restarting the system if it helps, but it usually doesn't.

Try the following steps to fix the problem:

Solution 1] Uninstall and reinstall the drivers

1. close Device administrator in the Windows 10 search box.

2. Now, click the Device Manager icon to open Device administrator.

3. Now expand Network adapters.

4. Right-click the network adapter and click uninstall.

Note: - If you don't know what your network card is, press Tasto Windows + R keys together and write ncpa.cpl on it and click OK. Now, in the window, which has just opened, locate the adapter with which you are connecting to the Internet. Hover the mouse over to find out your network card.

5. Then click Action then click Check for hardware changes.

Solution 1] Update Windows

As Windows is aware that users are facing this problem, they will attempt to fix the same. The resolution will be released as an update. Therefore, we need to keep Windows up to date.

Solution 2] Run the Network Troubleshooter

The built-in network troubleshooter might be helpful for this problem.

1] Click Start button and then him gear symbol to open the file settings page.

2] Go to Updates and security and then to Solve problems language.

3] Choose the file Network card troubleshooting.

4] Let it run and then start again the system.

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