Fix: Stuttering / Sound Distortion Issue in Windows 10

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Do you hear any stuttering / distorting sounds coming from the audio devices you are using in Windows 10? If the answer to this question is 'yes', then you are not alone. Some Windows 10 users also complain of a similar problem on the forum. But there is no reason to worry. In this article, we have prescribed some solutions for this problem, just follow them and the problem should be solved in no time. But, before moving on to the main solutions, we suggest that you go through these solutions first and check if these simpler solutions solve your problem or not.

Alternative solutions-

1. If this is the first time you have this type of problem at the end, a simple one start again of your system can fix this problem on your computer.

2. If you are using a wired headset / speaker, follow these steps:

for. Disconnect the speaker / headphones from the computer. Wait a minute.
second. Reconnect the speaker / headphones to the computer. Check if the situation improves or not.

3. Try connecting the speaker / headphones with another computer / pc. Check if it works well or if it still sounds choppy / distorted.

If any of these solutions didn't work, or if your speaker / headphones work perfectly fine on another computer, look for these solutions:

Fix-1 Disable audio enhancements-

Disabling Audio Enhancements worked for many users. Follow the same in the end

1. At first, what you should do is press "Windows key' With 'R'to open the Run window. Now type "mmsys.cpl“And hit Log in.

Sound the window will open.

2. In the Sound window, scroll through the list of audio devices on your computer and the right mouse button on the device you are using, then click "Property“To open his properties.

3 inch Properties window, go to "Improved“Tab and then deselect the option "Turn off all sound effects".

4. Finally, click on "To apply"Y"ok“To save the changes on your computer.

Try to check for stuttering / distortion on your computer. Move on to the next solution if that didn't solve the problem.

Fix-2 Run audio troubleshooter-

Running the audio troubleshooter can fix this problem on your computer.

1. By pressing Tasto Windows + I you can open the window settings file.

2. In the settings window, click "Update and security".

2. In the Update & Security window, click "Solve problems“On the left side of the window.

3. Now on the right side, scroll down to find and click "Play audio"And then click"Run the troubleshooter“To run the troubleshooter on your computer.

The troubleshooter will run on your computer to detect any problems with the audio device and will attempt to fix it.

Check if the problem persists or not.

Fix-3 Reinstall the audio driver on the computer-

Uninstalling and reinstalling the audio driver on your computer may work for you.

1. Press Windows key + X together to open the "Device administrator".

Device Administrator window will open.

2 inch Device Administrator window, expand the "Sound, video and game controllers".

3. Now, the right mouse button in "Realtek (R) Audio"And then click"Uninstall device“To temporarily uninstall the device from your computer.

4. Click on "Uninstall".

Once the uninstall process is complete, start again your computer.

Upon restart, Windows will reinstall the uninstalled audio driver on your computer.

If you see that the audio driver is not installed on your computer, follow these steps to manually install it on your computer:

for. Press Windows key + X and then click "Device administrator“To open the Device Administrator window on your computer.

second. In the Device Administrator window, click "Action"In the menu bar, then click"Check for hardware changes".

Windows will look for any missing drivers and install the audio driver in that process.

The problem should be fixed on your computer.

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