Fix the keyboard not working problem in Windows 10

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Fixed keyboard not working in Windows 10: - You are typing something important and suddenly the keyboard stops working. Before asking for help from the hardware technicians, let's try to solve the problem by ourselves. Immerse yourself in the article to learn the two most effective solutions for the keyboard not working problem.

Method 1: reinstall the keyboard driver

1 - Right click on Home Button.

2 - Click Device administrator from the menu.

3 - Once Device Manager opens, uninstall Keyboard driver software

Note that instead of the device with HID keyboard, Standard PS / 2 keyboard may be on the keyboard controller list.

4 - Now, click on Action then click look for hardware changes.

The keyboard driver will be reinstalled.



  • First click on the file windows icon to expand it. Then find and click settings application to open it.


  • When the settings the application opens, click Ease of access option.


  • Find and click on the option entry Keyboard from the left panel of EASE OF ACCESS window. Now in the right window pane, find a section called Key filtering. As follows, turn on the on / off button corresponding to Ignore or slow down short or repeated keystrokes and adjusts the keyboard repeat rate.

Note: - You can also use the on-screen keyboard until you have problems.

METHOD 2 - Update the keyboard driver

The above method may solve the problem that the keyboard does not work. If it still doesn't work, you can try updating your keyboard hardware. You can even use an on-screen keyboard until the keyboard works. Follow the steps below to enable the on-screen keyboard and update the keyboard drivers.


  • Now to update the keyboard device drivers using the on-screen keyboard, right-click the Windows icon and then click run option.


  • When the run the dialog box opens, type devmgmt.msc using the on-screen keyboard and press ok button.


  • This opens the file Device administrator window. Now you need to find the called input Keyboards and expand it by clicking on the arrow associated with it. Right click on the keyboard you are using and select Update the driver software option.


  • If you already have a software driver installed, you can browse and select it, or if you don't have one, you can ask Windows to find one by itself by choosing the option Automatically searches for updated driver software.

Method 3: Press Windows key + Esc together

It is strange, but many users have reported this by pressing Windows key + Esc Together they fixed the problem on Windows 10 laptop. You can go ahead and try this and see if it works for you.

How to use the on-screen keyboard


  • Like the previous method, go to settings -> Ease of access -> Keyboard. Now in the right window pane, turn on the toggle button corresponding to Turn On Screen Keyboard as shown in the following screenshot.


  • This opens the virtual keyboard and you can use this keyboard just like you use your regular keyboard. You can control the keyboard with the mouse pointer.

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