Fix the problem that you don't have permission to save to this Windows 10 location

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You feel very uncomfortable when you are working on your PC with only one user account you are working on and are trying to save a file to the desired location, and suddenly a popup appears showing a message like this:

“C: users me pictures You are not authorized to save to this location. Contact the administrator to get permission. Save to public images folder? Yes or no."

You may also encounter the same problem when you try to save a document file i.e. in MS Word.

This error message appears quite often in Windows 7/8/10 and is a big problem faced by most of the users. People have been tirelessly looking for a solution to this problem on the internet and have spent a lot of time dealing with it. But seriously, there isn't much help you can get. There are many threads created on various websites by users to get the solution and even after so much discussion, it was not possible to get an exact procedure to fix it.

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Correction 1

1. The right mouse button in the folder that generates this error.

2. Now choose Property.

3. Click Safety Eyelash.

4. Choose Advanced.

5. Now click Add.

6. Click Advanced

7. Click Advanced.

8. Click Find now.

9. Select All of the list.

10. Choose all right.

8. Choose all right still.

9. Choose all right.

10. Now, Change the permissions for everyone and check Total control Cash option.

11. Click To apply.

12. Press all right

Try opening the folder again. Finally, we have a solution for this problem and you can follow it to overcome it.

Solution 2: Disable UAC

Try disabling User Account Control on your device and check if it works.

1. Press the Windows key + S. Then type “User Accounts".

2. Then click on "Change the control parameters of your user account".

3. Simply slide the slider towards "Never warn" on background.

4. Click on 'all right“To save this change.

Restart the machine and see if it works for you.

Solution 3: Configure the program to run as an administrator

You can configure the program to run as an administrator.

1. You need to right click on the application, then click "Property".

2. Next, go to the "Compatibility"eyelash.

3. Now you have to control the option "Run as administrator“To run the Steam client as an administrator.

4. Don't forget to click on "To apply"Y"all right“To save the changes.

After that, try running the application one more time.

Solution 4: disable Protected Mode

You can disable Protected Mode in Internet Explorer.

1. Right-click on the Windows icon.

2. Then write this code and press Pay.


3. Go to “Safety“Configuration tab.

4. Hence, deselect this option "Enable Protected Mode (requires restarting Internet Explorer)".

5. Click on 'To apply"And then in"all right".

After that, restart the browser on your computer.

This should fix the problem you are facing.

Solution 5: Stop sharing the file

If you are trying to save a file to a specific folder that has shared its credentials with other users, this problem can occur.

1. Right-click the folder and click "Give access to"And click"Rimuovi access".

This will remove other users' access to the specified folder.

This can solve the problem.

Fix 6: enable inheritance

Generally, security settings are always automatically inherited from parent folders. Sometimes corruption in this process can call this error.

1. Right-click the folder and click "Property".

2. Then go to "Safety“Settings.

3. Click on 'Advanced“Settings.

4. In the advanced security settings, click on "Enable inheritance".

5. Click on 'To apply"Y"all right".

This will save the settings on your computer. This should fix the problem.

Fix 7: boot into safe mode

Safe mode starts the device in a safe environment. Try these steps.

1. Simply press the button Windows + I icon keys together and click "Update and security".

2. Then click on "Recovery".

3. Next, in "Advanced Startup", you need to click on "Restart now".

4. Once your computer has restarted into the Windows Recovery Environment, click on “Advanced options".

5. Next, click on “Startup Settings“To see available boot options.

6. Then click on "Restart".

7. You have to press F4 for "Enable Safe Mode".

Now your computer will boot into

Try saving the file one more time. This time the problem should be solved.

Correction 8

Open the menu in Windows 10 by right-clicking the Start button.

  • Click Run and type netplwiz. Click OK to open the User Account Settings box. Alternatively, you can press the Windows + R keys to open Run, where you can proceed directly as above.

  • A User Accounts dialog will appear. Here in the users tab you will find a list of all user accounts on your PC. Of all the user accounts listed, find the one with which you are receiving the error message and click on it.

  • In Properties, you will find a tab called "Group Membership". Here you can change the level of access granted to the user who logs in to this PC.

  • You will find three options: Standard, Administrator and others. Check the Administrator box by selecting it. This will grant the current user full access to all files with permission to modify any file if desired.

Alternative method for TXT file, try this

This might help you. But, if you're stuck in some way, you'd better ask your administrator to open this file.

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