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Sometimes it happens in Windows 10 that you can't find the Bluetooth settings anywhere in the settings or control panel. Bluetooth is a great wireless option for transferring files between devices and connecting devices such as speakers. Many users have faced this problem, so we have found these methods that will help you to reset Bluetooth settings.

Method 1: restart the Bluetooth services

Bluetooth services are the programs that ensure that Bluetooth is working properly on any device or not. Sometimes Bluetooth doesn't work because Bluetooth services are interrupted. Manually restarting the services can easily solve this problem. Follow these steps to restart the Bluetooth services.

Step 1] Press windows e R at the same time you write service.msc and press Enter. It will open Windows Services.

Step 2] Find Bluetooth support services in the list of services and select the restart option by right clicking on it.

Step 3] After reboot, double click to open it property from the service. Set to Automatic in the startup type, then click OK.

Step 4] Repeat steps 3 and 4 for each Bluetooth related service that you can find in the list, such as the Bluetooth audio gateway service and the Bluetooth customer support service.

Open Device Settings and check if the Bluetooth settings have reappeared or not.

Method 2: disable and then enable the Bluetooth device

Sometimes simple methods like disabling and enabling devices also work for many users. Follow this procedure to disable and re-enable the Bluetooth device.

Step 1] Press windows e X at the same time and select Device administrator from the menu.

Step 2] Select the Bluetooth device, right click on it and select Disable device option.

Step 3] Click Yup to confirm deactivation.

Step 4] After a while, right-click the Bluetooth device again and select Enable device option.

Close the Windows Device Manager and check the Bluetooth settings in Settings.

Method 3: reinstall the Bluetooth device

If none of the above methods worked for you, your device drivers may be faulty or damaged and you need to reinstall them to fix them.

Step 1] Open the Device Manager window by pressing windows e X together and choosing the device management option.

Step 2] Locate the Bluetooth device, right click on it and select Uninstall device option.

Step 3] Click Uninstall to confirm.

After completing the uninstall process, restart your PC. It will automatically install the default driver again and most likely the Bluetooth settings will appear.

If the problem persists, the Bluetooth device drivers may be out of date and need to be updated. To update them, you need to download the installer from the PC manufacturer's website and then install it according to the installation instructions.

Method 4: Check for Bluetooth devices and drivers in Device Manager

If the Bluetooth settings are not showing in the settings, it is due to a bug in the device drivers or a lack of device drivers. You can check in Device Manager whether the devices are working properly or not.

Step 1] Press windows e X at the same time and select Device administrator.

Step 2] Expand Bluetooth and verify that at least one device is present. Double click to open property and then make sure it's inside running state.

Step 3] In Network adapters, select Bluetooth adapter. If there is, double-click on it and check that it works.

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