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In case you are experiencing shutdown problems on your computer (such as shutting down randomly or taking a long time to shut down) and are looking for a solution, these fixes will definitely help you. This problem usually occurs due to incorrect system power settings. Changing the settings will fix the problem.

Fix-1 Adjust advanced power settings

Changing the power status of the 'Off' link will solve this problem.

1. To start a Terminal Run, press Tasto Windows + R together.

2 inch Running window, writes o copy paste run this command and then press Pay in.

control.exe powercfg.cpl ,, 3

3. Scroll down and then Power Options window and click "PCI Express".

4. Then click on "Link State Power Managert "to expand it.

5. Now, you need to click on the drop down menu of 'Settings "and choose"Worn out”From the options listed.

6. Then click on "Request". Next, click on "all right".

Now close the Power Options window.

Check if this solves the shutdown problem. If not, try the next solution on your computer.

Fix-2 Disable and reactivate hibernation-

Disabling and resuming hibernation on the computer can fix this problem.

1. By pressing the key windows key With 'R'the Run window will open.

2. Digita “cmd"And then click"all right“To access it.

3. To disable hibernation, run this code on your computer.

powercfg -h off

Close Window system symbol.

Try shutting down your computer and see if that helps.

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