Fix: Windows 10 Update Error 0xC1900101 in Windows 10

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The Windows 10 update generates error code 0xC1900101 mainly due to the corrupted SoftwareDistribution folder. In case, while troubleshooting Windows update if you encounter the same error code then follow these simple solutions to fix the update problem on your computer.

Fix-1 Automate services from CMD-

There are some services that are required for the Windows update process to run smoothly.

1. Press Tasto Windows + R run Running.

2. Then, type "cmd“In the Run window and press Ctrl + Shift + Enter together.

Command Prompt will open the window with administrator rights.

3. To start some services automatically, it is necessary copy-paste these commands one by one in the Command Prompt window and press enter after each command.

sc config wuauserv start=auto sc config cryptSvc start=auto sc config bits start=auto sc config trustedinstaller start=auto

After running these commands on your computer, start again your device.

After reboot, check Windows update status.

Fix-2 Troubleshoot update issues

1. At first, you need to click on the Windows icon on the left side of the window.

2. Then, click the gear icon to access settings.

3. Then you need to access the "Update and security”Settings.

4. Next, click the "Troubleshoot"Panel.

5. To view more troubleshooting settings, click the "Additional troubleshooting tool".

6. Then, in the right pane, click "Windows update".

7. Then click on "Run the troubleshooter“To initiate a troubleshooting process.

8. Then click on “The next“In the troubleshooting window.

8. To apply the fix, click "The next".

When the troubleshooting process is complete, close the troubleshooting window.

Fix-4 empty download folder in safe mode-

If nothing works for you, you can try emptying the Download Folder file manually.

But first, you need to start your computer in Safe Mode–

1. Press Windows + I icon to open the window settings file.

2. Now, click on “Update and security".

3. Now, in the left pane, click on “Recovery"

4. Therefore, in "Advanced startup"Section, click"Restart now".

5. In the Choose an option window, click "Troubleshoot".

6. What you need to do now is select the option "Advanced options".

7. To change the startup options, click the "Startup Settings".

8. Then click on “Restart".

9. Here you will see several startup type options.

10. Then press 4 for "Enable Safe Mode".

In Safe mode, the desktop background will be black.

10. Press Tasto Windows + R run Running.

11. To access the Download Folder file, paste this location and press enter.

C: WindowsSoftwareDistributionDownload

12. Simply, remove everything from this SoftwareDistribution folder.

Near File Explorer window.

Restart your computer. It will start normally.

Check if it works.

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