Fix Windows wireless service is not running on this computer in Windows 10

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Sometimes users are unable to access the internet and get the following error message:

The Windows wireless service is not running on this computer.

A noteworthy fact is that this error statement points to the wireless network. Therefore, much of this problem could be isolated if we verify this fact. Try connecting your system to the "wired" Internet. If the internet works well, we know what to target and we could fix the problems accordingly.

If the wired connection also does not work, the problem may be with the system and we should perform the generic network troubleshooting steps. However, that would be a rare case.

Assuming the internet works when connected via cable, try the following troubleshooting steps:

Solution 1] Use the Internet troubleshooter

1] Click Start button and then the gear symbol to open the file settings page.

2] Go to Updates and security and then him Solve problems tab on the left side.

3] Select the file Internet connection troubleshooting and run it.

4] Curriculum vitae the system.

In case the problem is related to an internal conflict, the built-in troubleshooter should fix the problem. If not, we could continue with the next steps.

Solution 2] Check if the WiFi button is lit on the keyboard

Many laptops have a WiFi switch on the keyboard between the function keys (e.g. F1, F2, F3, etc.). These keys are usually pressed together with the Fn key. Try pressing it once and see if it makes a difference.

Solution 3] Check the status of the WLAN auto-configuration service

One of the reasons the WiFi does not work is if the WLAN auto-configuration service does not start automatically. The procedure to start it manually is as follows:

1] Press Win + R to open the window. Gender services.msc and press Enter to open the Services menu.

2] In the list of services, in alphabetical order, locate the file WLAN automatic configuration service.

3] Check if the status of this service is running.

4] If it is not active, right-click the service, then click Property.

5] Change the service type to Manual and the state of Home.

6] Click To apply and then OK.

Solution 4] Reset your network settings

You can try to reset all network settings. Sometimes they get corrupted and this step could be helpful.

1] Press Win + R to open the Run window and type the command cmd. Press Enter to open the Command Prompt window.

2] Type the following command and press Enter:

netsh winsock reset

3] Curriculum vitae the system.

I hope this helps!

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