Fix: You need to restart your computer to disable User Account Control in Windows 10

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UAC or User Account Control is a security message that appears whenever you try to access a program or software and ask for your consent before the program or software can make any changes to your computer. The goal is to avoid any unexpected activity on your Windows system.

So basically you have to click Yup to proceed e No if you do not want. The UAC settings are set by default to the recommended level which forces the user to continue only after their consent. However, when you disable UAC by changing the setting to Never notify, you may see an error message "You need to restart your computer to disable UAC".

Now, if you are the only user on your machine and have UAC disabled, there is nothing you need to worry about. Reboot the system and the UAC will shut down completely. However, if the change was made without your information, it is a cause for concern. But the good thing is that this can be fixed by making some changes in the registry. Let's see how.

Solution: Use the registry editor

Step 1: Leave Home on the desktop and right-click on it. Now click run to open the file Run command.

Step 2: Now Write regedit in the file search field run I send and hit ok to open the file Registry Editor window.

Step 3: A Registry Editor window, go to the following path:


On the right side of the panel, scroll down, find and select Enable LUA.

Step 4: Double click on EnbaleLUA to open yours Edit DWORD (32-bit) value dialog box and change yours Valuable data.

Now, set up the file Valuable data field to 1 and press ok to save changes and exit.

Now close Registry Editor and restart your computer for the changes to take effect. You will never see the error again.

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