Fixed headphones not showing up on playback devices in Windows 10

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Sometimes we want to plug the headphones into our desktop / laptop and enjoy our favorite movie, but if the headphones don't make any sound, you will definitely be annoyed.

Many users face this problem on their Windows 10 computer. But don't worry, we will help you to solve this problem, please follow below solutions which you can use with your headphones.

But before troubleshooting, check that you have no hardware problems. Most of the desk has two headphone jacks if your desk has another headphone jack and check if it works or not. Also, check if your headphones are working or not by connecting them to another computer or smartphone. If you have hardware problems, these methods will not work for you and you should visit the repair shop and have your computer checked.

Solution 1: Reinstall the audio driver

STEP 1 - Right-click on windows button and Open Device administrator.

STEP 2: it will open Device Manager find the window Sound, Video and game controller from the list and expand it.

STEP 3 - The right mouse button in you sound controller from the list and click Uninstall.

STEP 4 - Restart your device after finishing the process. It will install the audio driver again and fix the problem.

Fix 2: Enable stereo mix

1. Right-click the volume icon on the taskbar

2. Click Sounds.

3. Now go to Registration Language

4. Right-click on a blank, blank area and make sure that "View disabled devices"Y"View disconnected devices“The options are checked.

5. Now The right mouse button Y Enable Stereo Mix.

Solution 4: Enable the playback device from the audio settings

1 STEP - Open Control Panel . To choose big icons in Seen from Option.

Click on Sound .

STEP 2: A list of available playback devices will be displayed. If your headphones aren't listed, right-click and select Show disabled devices Y Show disconnected devices.

STEP 3 - Right click on Receiver and select Enable.

STEP 4 - Click ok.

This method will enable your headphones and your headphones should work fine now.

Solution 5: uninstall Realtek audio software

1. close appwiz.cpl in the Windows 10 search box. Click appwiz.cpl

2. Now, find and uninstall Driver audio Realtek HD.

Solution 6: Disable connector detection on the front panel

1. Go to the following path from the File Explorer address bar. Just copy and paste the path into the address bar.

C: Program FilesRealtekAudioHDA

2. Click RAVBg64 to open Realtek HD Audio Manager.

3. Now, click on the folder icon located at the top right.

4. Uncheck Disable Jack selection on the front panel.

Solution 7: Disable connector detection on the front panel

1. Press Tasto Windows + R.

2. Type regedit, Press Log in.

3. Find the following location in Registry Editor.



07 GlobalSettings

If you can't find the file in the path given above, try the path given below.



02 GlobalSettings

4. Right-click on EnableDynamicDevicesclick your Modify.

5. Change it to 0, Click on ok.

6. Restart your computer.

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