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MTP o Multimedia transfer protocol allows you to transfer media files to and from Android mobile devices and PCs. But sometimes the MTP didn't work. There are several ways that the MTP problem can appear and lead to MTP doesn't work in Windows 10.

Sometimes the mobile phone may not be able to establish any connection way, sometimes MTP will not work even after a connection between the phone and the PC is successfully established. You are also facing the MTP doesn't work problem in Windows 10? Read on as we try to solve this problem using different approaches.

How to fix MTP not working in Windows 10

Before moving on to the solutions, there are a few things you need to make sure.

Does your phone support MTP? Are you trying to use MTP for the first time on your phone? You need to make sure your Android device supports MTP. Most phones do this these days, but if your phone is a little old you should check for MTP compatibility. You can refer to your phone manual or just do a Google search with your cell phone model to verify it.

Try a different port or cable. Sometimes the problem can arise due to a faulty port or a faulty USB cable. Try using a different USB port on your PC to connect your Android phone for MTP. You should also try another USB cable to connect the phone to the PC and make sure the cable is not faulty.

Configure the phone for MTP. Make sure you select MTP (Media Transfer Protocol) on your phone after connecting your phone and PC. A pop-up window will appear on your phone to select MTP, or you can select the safe from the notification panel.

If you have made sure of the above points and still find that MTP does not work in Windows 10, please do the following solutions one at a time and see if they work for you.

# 1 - Install wpdmtp.inf on your PC

il wpdmtp.inf file is something you already find on your PC. You can try to install it to fix MTP not working on Windows 10. The process to do it is simple; Follow these steps:

Step 1: Open My computer o What PC, then open C: Guide. There, open the file windows folder and open the file there INF binder. In the folder, find the file named wpdmtp.inf. Right-click on it, then click Install on pc option.

Step 2: After the installation is complete, you will need to restart your computer. When finished, check if MTP is not working or Media Transfer Protocol is not working.

Note: In case you can't find the wpdmtp.inf in the INF folder of your PC, this is what you need to do. Copy it from any other Windows 10 PC and paste it into your PC's INF folder. Then install and restart your PC.

It's his wpdmtp.inf did not solve the problem, try the next method.

# 2 - Enable MTP from CMD

You can also use the Windows Command Prompt to enable MTP. To do this, follow the given steps:

Step 1: Search for cmd in the Windows 10 search box, then right-click the search result and choose run as administrator.

Step 2: At the command prompt, type the following command and press Log in:

net localgroup Administrators local service /add

After running the above command, check if the MTP is working.

# 3 - Update the MTP driver

If the MTP driver on your PC is out of date or has some problems, this may cause the MTP not to work in Windows 10. You can try to update the MTP driver and see if it works for you. Follow these steps:

Step 1: Press the Windows + X buttons together and in the menu that opens, click Device administrator.

Step 2: In Device Manager, click View tab, then select the file Show hidden devices.

3 pass: Now from the controller list, expand the file Portable devices section. There, right-click the phone driver, then select the file Update the driver software option.

Phase 4: Now a separate window will open. Here, click on the file Automatically searches for updated driver software option. Your PC will start looking for an updated driver for MTP, and if it finds it, it will automatically install.

Once the update is complete, don't forget to restart your PC. After restarting your PC, try restarting MTP. If MTP doesn't work again bothers you, try the next solution.

# 4 - Install the Multimedia Feature Pack

If the multimedia feature package is not available on your PC, MTP may not work. If you want to know what Media Feature Pack is, it has components related to Windows Media Player and something else. It is somewhat related to the Media Transfer Protocol.

Windows 10 N and KN versions do not have Media Feature Pack by default. So if so, you may need to install Multimedia functionality package manually on your PC.

You can download Multimedia functionality package from here and install it on your PC. Once done, don't forget to restart your PC. After rebooting, check if it solved the problem with the media transfer protocol. If not, check the next method.

# 5 - Turn on airplane mode

Some users noticed that turning on Airplane Mode helped them establish a successful MTP connection. You can also try turning on airplane mode on PC and mobile devices. On your Android mobile, you can do this from the notification bar. On your Windows 10 PC, you can press Ctrl + A keys to open the file Action center tray, and there you will find the Airplane mode button. If you can't find it there, click Expand option to see more options.

Turn on airplane mode for both devices, then try to connect them via. MTP.

If you still can't fix MTP not working in Windows 10, try the next method.


These steps could fix MTP not working in Windows 10. If you still can't fix this problem, you can always use OTG to connect an external flash drive to your mobile device, transfer files and store them on your PC or vice versa.

Please let us know which of the above methods worked for you so that other users can benefit.


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