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When we depend on the computer to carry out various activities of our daily routine, such as studying, playing, working, etc. and the space bar on the computer keyboard stops working unexpectedly, we feel helpless and bothered by this situation. The role of the space bar is indispensable and when it is deactivated almost nothing can be done. Here are some helpful procedures to follow, which will help you escape the problem of space bar non-functional condition on Windows 10.

Procedure 1: Check the Sticky Keys function

Everyone must have heard of the Sticky Keys feature in Windows 10. It is a very useful feature that allows the user to press a single key instead of pressing a series of keys and perform the same function at the same time. In various scenarios, many people have seen and reported that disabling the Sticky Keys feature can make the spacebar work again. So the first solution to the problem of a not working space bar should be to check the Sticky Keys function.

Step 1: press the Windows key and I key together to open Settings. Then keep scrolling down and you will find the file Ease of access. Click on the option.

Step 2: Check the left pane of the window. There you will see an option called "Keyboard". Click on it. Then, check the location of the Sticky Key icon, whether it is active or not. You need to make sure it's turned off.

If you cannot access the spacebar, after verifying that the Sticky Key feature is disabled, you will need to try another procedure. Perhaps driver issues could be the reason for the not working space bar problem. Since the keyboard driver helps many users to solve various problems, a clean installation of the keyboard driver or reinstallation of a basic version can solve this problem. This is the procedure to follow.

Procedure 2: Reinstall an older version of the keyboard driver

Step 1: Press the Windows key and the alphabet "X" at the same time to open the Quick Access menu. After that, click on the Device Manager option to open it.

Step 2: You will see the Keyboards option in the Device Manager pop-up window and need to expand it by clicking on it. You need to choose Properties using the right button on the Keyboard option.

3 pass: After choosing the Controller option in the upper range of options, click the option Recoil controller.

In case the Roll Back Driver icon is not accessible, you will need to choose the option to download the previous version of the keyboard driver from the keyboard manufacturer's website.

If the keyboard driver rollback procedure does not activate the broken space bar, you can try a new and clean installation of the keyboard driver.

Procedure 3: a fresh installation of the keyboard driver

Step 1: Initially, you need to open the Device Manager window by following step 1 and step 2 of procedure 2 and set the location of the keyboard driver.

Step 2: With the help of a right click on the keyboard controller, you will choose Uninstall device.

3 pass: To reinstall the keyboard driver, it is necessary start again Windows 10.

In case the reinstallation of the Windows 10 keyboard driver fails, you can download the latest keyboard driver from the keyboard manufacturer's website.

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