Fixed the “Audio service is not running” issue in Windows 10

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Windows services are essential for the proper functioning of many computer components. The Windows audio service is also one that is required for audio output from speakers or headphones.

For some weird reasons, if your audio service goes down, you can get any audio output from your PC. You will notice that a red cross mark has appeared on the speaker icon and hovering over it shows The audio service is not running.

Note that some users have solved this problem by mute and then mute the sound on their computer. You can also try this and solve your problem. If it doesn't fix your problem, go ahead to find out how to fix it.

Restarting the Windows audio services is not difficult, just follow these simple steps and you can easily restart the audio services.

STEP 1 - Open the Run window by pressing Windows and R simultaneously.

STEP 2 - Type services.msc in the text box and click ok. It will open Windows Services.

STEP 3 - Identify Audio service in the Services list and select Property give the menu answer.

STEP 4: Here you can see what the status of your service is arrested. Click on Home to start the service.

STEP 5 - Also check that the startup type is Automatic, otherwise, change it to Automatic.

Open any video or audio file and verify that the audio is working. You can also use this method when a specific service on your computer stops working.

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