Fixed Windows 10 not turning off with black screen after creators update

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Many users Users who have upgraded to Creators Update have started experiencing a new type of problem. When they turn off the PC, the PC goes into black screen mode and does not shut down. The power light stays on and they have no choice but to force shutdown. Here is the solution.

Solution 1: disable fast startup

Step 1: Open settings pressing key Windows + i .

Step 2: Click work

Step 3: Click power and dream.

Step 4: Now click on additional power settings.

Step 5: Now click on Choose what the power buttons do in the menu on the left.

Step 6: Click change settings that are not currently available.

Step 7: Now uncheck activate quick start . Finally, click Save the changes.

Now shut down your PC. No problem.

Solution 2: Complete shutdown with command

Step 1: Open Command Prompt as Administrator

Step 2: Now, run the following command given below.

shutdown / s / t 5

This command tells your PC to skip hybrid shutdown and shut down the PC completely.

Note: To restart your PC, use off / r / t 5

Solution 3: Disable the Intel (R) Management Engine interface

The real culprit is version 11 of the Intel (R) management engine interface. You need to roll back to version 9 or 10 to fix the shutdown problem. But the problem is that every time you uninstall version 11, it will update to the latest version,

Therefore, here's how to revert to the previous version of the Intel (R) management engine interface.

Step 1: Download Intel (R) Management Engine Interface driver version 9 or 10 Intel website depending on your laptop model. It is best to download the correct driver (version 1.5M) according to your laptop model from the laptop manufacturer's website.

Step 2: Now, press key Windows + r to display the Run command box and now type services.msc on it and hit enter to open Head of services.

Step 3 - Now, find Windows update of the list. Double click on it and choose startup type as disabled from the drop-down menu. Now press Stop and finally click ok.

Step 4 - Now, install the downloaded Intel (R) Management Engine Interface Driver (old version). There is no need to uninstall version 11 as when you install the older version it will automatically overwrite the newer version.

Step 5: Press Yup and complete installation.

Step 6: Now download Windows 10 Show or Hide Update Tool from Microsoft. Now run the troubleshooter and hide the Intel Management Engine Interface (MEI) driver updates.

Step 7: Now, go back Windows update service a automatic.

Step 8: Reboot and enjoy the peace of mind. No problem.

This solves the improper shutdown problem on most branded laptops.

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