Fixing side-by-side settings is a wrong mistake in Windows 10

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Side-by-side configuration is a wrong error in Windows 10 faced by many users while trying to launch any program, install any program or uninstall a program. Understanding this error is a little tricky so we won't cover it, but we can definitely help you fix this.

We have put together some solutions for Parallel configuration is wrong error here so you can fix it easily. There is no need to follow all the solutions, just start from solution 1 and check if the error is resolved or not. If not, go to the next solution.

Solution 1: Check for damaged files

Corrupted files on your computer can give you a number of errors and this is one of them too. So, if your computer has corrupted files then it is the cause of your error. Follow the steps below to detect and repair damaged files on your PC.

STEP 1 - Press the button windows and search for the file Symbol of the system, right click on it and select Run as administrator.

STEP 2 - Press Yup in the message.

STEP 3 - Type SFC / scannow and press Enter.

STEP 4: The scan will take some time to complete. When the scan is finished, check if the error is gone or not.

STEP 5 - If you are still facing the type of error DISM.exe /Online /Cleanup Image /Restorehealth and press Enter.

STEP 6: Wait for the scan to complete, then close the Command Prompt window.

Open the program that encountered the error and check if the error is gone or not.

Solution 2: Uninstall and install Microsoft Visual C ++ Redistributable Packages

Many programs use the Microsoft Visual Redistributable Package and if they are not available or damaged, this error can occur. If multiple programs fail, the problem could be corruption of Microsoft's visual redistributable packages. You have to reinstall it to get rid of the error.

STEP 1 - Follow the first three steps of the process above, you will see a complete list of the programs you have installed on your computer. To locate Microsoft Visual Redistributable Packages of the list. It can be one or more than one.

STEP 2: Uninstall everything by selecting Uninstall da context menu.

STEP 3: Go to Microsoft's website and download all the packages you just uninstalled.

STEP 4 - Restart your computer.

Try opening those programs where you have encountered errors.

Solution 3: Use Registry Editor

1. Press Tasto Windows + R key together to open run.

2. Write regedit and click OK to open the registry editor.

3. Now go to the following address in the registry editor.

4. Now on the right side, right click on default and click property.

5. Now make sure the value data is the same as one of the Reg_Binary keys present which has a higher value.

If not, change it to the larger values ​​of the two.

6. Close the registry editor.

Solution 4: Download the installer again

If you are encountering this error while installing any program, it is possible that your program's installer is corrupted. If you haven't downloaded the program installer from an official source, it may be corrupted because it hasn't been verified. Download the program from its official website and install it on your PC. You most likely don't have the problem now.

Solution 5: uninstall and install the program

If you are having this error in a specific program, your program must be corrupted. You need to reinstall that program to fix this problem. Follow this process to uninstall and reinstall any programs.

STEP 1 - Open run window slamming windows e R buttons simultaneously.

STEP 2 - Type Control and click ok.

STEP 3 - Open Program and features from Control Panel main menu.

STEP 4: Find the program with the error and select uninstall da context menu or select the program and press the button Uninstall / Repair above the program list.

STEP 5: Open the official website of the program, download the latest stable version and install it.

Solution 6: restart your PC

If you keep getting the error after trying these 4 methods, you need to restart your PC. The reset will re-install Windows 10 on your computer so that you don't get this error again.

However, be aware that the reset will erase all your files and programs, so backup your stuff first and then go through this process.

STEP 1 - Open settings from Home menu.

STEP 2 - Select Update and security and select Recovery in the menu on the left.

STEP 3: You will find the Reset this PC option at the top here. Click on Home to start the PC recovery.

STEP 4 - Choose Remove everything.

It will take some time to restart your PC, but after restarting no errors will occur and you will be able to enjoy the programs where you have encountered this error.

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